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How To Stop Smoking Naturally?

How To Stop Smoking Naturally?

For people who want to quit smoking, here are the 5 natural ways to kill nicotine cravings and quit smoking. Many smokers with good will want to quit smoking forever. This goal goes through several stages in order to be able to eliminate their addiction to nicotine in the long term. So to defeat smoking and kill cravings for nicotine, discover the 5 natural ways to stop using cigarettes.

How To Stop Smoking Naturally

In society, smoking is a major health problem. In fact, smokers run the risk of suffering from several pathologies which could seriously affect their health, namely: tumor, cancer, infectious pathologies or even cardiovascular diseases.

The effects of nicotine

In addition to being addictive, many of its harmful effects on human health have been shown, which can be broken down as follows:
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory disorders
  • Development of tumors
  • Abnormal growth of new cells, including breast, colon and lung
  • Arterial pressure
  • Gastric disorders
  • Affected immune system
  • Risk of diabetes and kidney disease
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility

So, by becoming aware of these health risks, it is enough to resort to these 5 natural ways to kill any desire for nicotine.

The 5 Ways How To Quit Smoking Naturally

To ward off addiction to cigarettes, especially nicotine, here are the methods to eradicate the craving for nicotine:

1. Magnesium:
Magnesium decreases nicotine dependence by reducing the activity of NMDA receptors and the activity of glutamate which is the main exciter.

2. Hypno-therapy:
This technique reduces the urge to smoke while strengthening the will to stop this bad habit; hynotherapy acts on the smoker's consciousness. Thus following an experiment carried out on smokers, it was found their abstinence from smoking for 12 months and an abandonment of the need to smoke in the long term.

3. Acupuncture:
By using acupuncture, the urge for nicotine is reduced by the insertion of fine needles on strategic areas that have a connection with the lungs, respiratory system and mouth. Indeed, a study has confirmed that this technique of Chinese medicine could decrease the urge to smoke and eliminate the urge to taste tobacco.

4. Phytotherapy:
Thanks to the active plant substances, the plants facilitate smoking cessation, eliminate toxins from the body and purify the organs. Detoxifying herbal teas, for example based on Stevia, Valerian, St. John's Wort, Kudzu roots reduce the urge to smoke.

5. Physical exercise:
Regular physical activity helps manage nicotine addiction. In fact, sport reduces the urge to smoke, stress and prevents weight gain.

The steps to stop smoking:
Finally, in addition to these natural techniques, here are the steps to calmly overcome the desire for nicotine, whether through traditional cigarettes or E-cigarettes:
  • Understand your motivation
  • Surround yourself with people who encourage the decision to quit smoking
  • Know the causes that trigger addiction
  • practice meditation to regain control of your habits
  • Discover other pleasant activities to compensate for the lack of holding a cigarette
  • Express your feelings about this practice leading to abstinence
  • Do not feel guilty and be compassionate towards yourself.