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The Price Of The Surgeries That Instagram Girls Do To Appear "Perfect" On Social Media

The Price Of The Surgeries That Instagram Girls Do To Appear "Perfect" On Social Media

Under the spell of the stars on social media, more and more women are looking to improve one or more aspects of their physique. Indeed, the pressure imposed by the dictates of beauty does not seem constrained to any limit. Many young adolescent girls are also influenced by this media phenomenon and seek to meet ever higher demands. In the utopian world of Instagram and other social media, imperfections are flouted and reduced to nothing.

Surgeries That Instagram Girls

As mature women sought to correct the signs of aging through surgery, there is no longer any age to perform this procedure. In fact, according to a survey published by Le Parisien, young people between the ages of 18 and 34 now have more recourse to surgery than the 50-60 age group. Among the many explanations of specialists concerning this phenomenon, some affirm that the media hold a large share of responsibility.

Young people see the stars they see on TV or on social media as ideals they can aspire to be. "The job of these starlets is not to produce works but to produce an ideal. We went from reality TV to reality TV, ”says Pascal Lardellier, professor and specialist in social media. In addition, the prices of these surgical procedures can reach exorbitant amounts. In this sense, we were able to highlight what was worth the operations of the most commonly used parts of the face. Discover them now!

1. The nose

Seeing fine, well-drawn noses on Instagram, many women decide to have rhinoplasty. This operation, often done under general anesthesia, involves major risks. However, when everything is going well, the person can wear locks to limit bleeding and undergo edema for two months. Generally, a standard rhinoplasty costs between 3,500 and 8,000$.

2. The lips

The lips, an important part of a woman's face, are also prone to complexes. Deemed small, fine or even too large, they can be corrected by cosmetic surgery. To do this, it takes about 4500$ for an upper lip lift and 4000$ for a reduction of one of the lips.

3. The cheekbones

Cheekbones are an important physical attribute in a woman. Indeed, cheekbones raised would allow to benefit from a younger aspect and therefore, more attractive in the eyes of the followers of surgery. Thus, for cheekbone implants, it will cost between 400 and 800$.

4. The look

To look like stars, one of the first aesthetic queries concerns drooping eyelids or fine lines around the eyes. Thus, some decide to have a blepharoplasty to benefit from a bewitching look. The price of the operation and 1000 to 3000$ for a single eyelid, up to 5000$ for the 4 eyelids.

5. The chin

To straighten the chin, reduce it or even correct imperfections, surgeons place an implant or prosthesis. This operation, as risky as the others, is known as genioplasty. The price of the operation is around 2400$ on average.

6. The teeth

Thanks to aesthetic medicine, the "Hollywood smile" is no longer a dream that we only see on our screens. Surgery can correct their shape and give them a bright whiteness. Thus, it will take almost 1,200$ per tooth for dental veneers and nearly 1,500$ for clinical whitening.

In view of these prices, which are exorbitant for many, remember that the reality of the media and social media is far from being a reliable image to judge the beauty of a person. To know that a photo can be manipulated using many software intended to eliminate all the imperfections. Remember that every peculiarity of your body or face is what makes you charming, and above all, what sets you apart from the rest!