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 This Simple Trick Solves One Of The Biggest Problems Of Women

This Simple Trick Solves One Of The Biggest Problems Of Women

Salt is a basic ingredient found in most kitchens, but it is not only used to season your dishes. It is a product with multiple virtues that can be used in many fields. Whether it's health, beauty or home, it's a versatile agent that can surprise you.

 Trick Solves One Of The Biggest Problems Of Women

Before being delivered to the shelves of supermarkets, the salt goes through several stages to be recovered. The three best known methods of obtaining it are: salt marshes, where the recovery of salt results from the natural evaporation of sea water, through saline waters where evaporation leads to crystallization, and finally The mines from which the salt is directly extracted.

Whether it is a remedy for beauty concerns, a cleaner for your home or an alternative to chemicals for the maintenance of your garden, salt is capable of many miracles.

A beauty ally

Against greasy hair: If your hair tends to be greasy, here is a simple and effective tip; Before washing, mix one teaspoon of salt with your shampoo and proceed with the usual washing. Salt helps to eliminate excess sebum secreted by your scalp.

For white teeth: Just like lemon and baking soda, salt is effective in the process of teeth whitening. For best results, use sea salt and mix one tablespoon in a glass of lukewarm water. Apply toothpaste to your toothbrush and soak in the glass before brushing. This operation is repeated three times a week.

Rich in iodine and fluoride, marine salt acts as an effective antibacterial agent and produces a large production of saliva, useful for the removal of microbes that attack the enamel. It is also rich in minerals, calcium, silicon, sodium, nickel, iron and magnesium that whiten teeth.

A curator in the kitchen

Salt has intervened since the beginning of time in the preservation of food through the technique of curing. It is enough to use a quantity of salt which is equivalent to 15% of the weight of the product to be preserved. For optimal preservation, dry salting is required: this is a method of applying the salt directly to the food so that there is contact.

This method helps dehydrate food and thus prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Even though today, the most common method for storing food is to refrigerate or freeze, salting is still common.

If you want to prevent your fruit from turning black, mix a teaspoon of salt with half a liter of water and dip your fruit slices.
Salt acts as an antimicrobial which slows down or even prevents the multiplication of bacteria.

An object cleaner

If you want to do a spring cleaning or just clean some of your items, skip commercial products that are toxic to your health and the environment and use salt. It is an effective and natural cleanser which has no harmful effect and which can intervene in particular for:

Clean your furniture in basketry: They tend to lose their shine and the inlaid stains are difficult to remove. To remedy this, mix salt with hot water, soak a clean cloth and clean your furniture by rubbing vigorously.
Lighten your brass and copper objects: These will darken over time and need to be well maintained. Immerse them in warm water / white vinegar for a few minutes and rub them with a cloth soaked in warm, salted water.

A dehumidifier

In addition to absorbing moisture from food to prolong storage, salt is able to capture odors caused by moisture. Create small chaplains by placing salt in handkerchiefs and closing them with elastics. Then place them either in your sneakers after a workout, or in your shoes that give off an unpleasant odor, or at the bottom of your closet to prevent your clothes from getting moldy.

For better efficiency, salt must be changed once a week.

A garden tool

Salt acts as a natural weed killer and easy to use: place coarse salt on the weeds and allow three days before weeding.

It is also possible to dilute 500 g of coarse salt in 2 liters of boiling water and pour the mixture on the undesirable plants. All you have to do is weed.