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Stick A Piece Of Aluminum Foil Behind Your Radiator And Amplify Its Warming Effect

Stick A Piece Of Aluminum Foil Behind Your Radiator And Amplify Its Warming Effect

When temperatures drop and houses get colder, many of us rush to radiators to warm their homes. Powered by electricity, this heater is extremely useful, but it can also add to our bills very quickly, especially when we need to heat large spaces. To remedy the cold and preserve your savings, a tip seems to be indicated to amplify its effect without breaking the bank. This technique has been relayed by several media including Dailymail and the Mirror.

Stick A Piece Of Aluminum Foil Behind Your Radiator And Amplify Its Warming Effect

Indeed, this technique is effective, practical and fast. It does not require exceptional tools or large investments in equipment. A simple product present in all the kitchen is enough to realize it. It’s just a few pieces of aluminum foil, also called aluminum foil. This very thin and flexible sheet adapts to all shapes, depending on the desired use. Its main use is in the kitchen, to protect food during cooking. Aluminum foil is a heat reflector, which is why it is effective in retaining and amplifying the heat of radiators.

Why does it work?
Even when they are turned up, your radiators do not heat your house enough? Do not panic, this tip is very timely to overcome the cold. Like reflectors sold in supermarkets, aluminum helps preserve the heat produced by attaching to the walls behind the radiators. This insulating action will heat the room faster by reducing your energy costs. In fact, when the radiators are placed against walls that face the outside, the latter are often cold, and consequently, absorb a good part of the heat produced.

However, keep in mind that this tip only applies to uninsulated walls. Otherwise, the use of aluminum could lead to condensation. Also note that it is recommended to use this trick for central heating and not electric heating to avoid any risk of overheating.

How to proceed?
Cut pieces of aluminum the same length as your radiator, then attach them to the wall on the back. You can use tape to hold them in place. In this way, the heat from your radiator will be returned to the room instead of being absorbed by cold walls.

This tip will allow you to save money because you will not need to turn on all the radiators, but also because you will be able to keep the heat longer, and therefore reduce the frequency of their use. To better spread the heat to the rest of the room, you can also have a fan, which will spread the heat even further.

Other tips to fight cold during winter
Sometimes when the temperature is very low during the winter, even daily activities become difficult. That said, there are tips to help you keep the same pace of life despite the cold. Here is a small list:

Cover yourself intelligently
There are two effective techniques to prevent the cold from getting through your clothes and reaching your body. The first is to layer several layers of clothing. It is therefore a question of wearing several fairly fine clothes, and of different materials. The second is to put on few clothes, but which are made with materials that keep the body warm, and without sweating.

Adapt your diet to the cold
Our bodies in winter have different needs than the rest of the year. To warm up, we consume more energy, so we need a little more calories. That said, don't eat more fat, but try to eat more seasonal vegetables and starchy foods, not to mention legumes.

Stay hydrated
In winter, we are less thirsty, however, the cold dries our body, therefore, we need to stay hydrated as much as in summer. Consume hot drinks all day long, they will warm you at the same time.

Make massages that stimulate blood circulation
Massages can stimulate blood circulation, and therefore warm the area in question.

Do not overheat interior spaces
When you heat your house excessively, you become more sensitive to the cold outside, because the temperature difference becomes more important. Try to keep the room temperature around 20 degrees and wear enough clothes.