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Unbelievable ! What The Shape Of Your Finger Reveals

Unbelievable ! What The Shape Of Your Finger Reveals

Our fingers are different from each other and their shapes and sizes vary from one person to another. According to some theories, our fingers can reveal a lot about our personality. In this article, we will focus on the smallest finger of the hand, the ear, to find out what its 3 sections can reveal about your personality and character traits.


What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a divination which is based on the shape of the hand, fingers and lines that cross the palm, to determine the personality and character traits of the person.

This method begins by studying the shape of the hand, before moving to fingers and lines.

4 hand shapes, corresponding to the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

4 major lines that match the line of Head, Heart, Luck (or Destiny) and Life.

5 fingers - of course - which bear the names of the planets. Thus, the thumb is the finger of Venus, the index finger of Jupiter, the biggest is the finger of Saturn, the ring is the finger of Apollo and the little finger of the Mercury planet.

We will devote ourselves to the analysis of the size of the 3 sections of the atrial and their meaning!


- Section I
If your finger goes a little closer to the top, this means that you are a very attractive person, with a incredible oratory talent and an amazing sense of observation. You are also a person that can not be easily fooled.

- Section II
If the second section of your little finger is the longest it indicates that you have an innate need to help others and care for them. Also, you are very determined and you do everything you can to reach your goals. Moreover, it is very common for people with this form of fingers to become doctors or practicing a profession related to the medical field.

- Section III
If that is the base of your little finger that is longer, then you are an honest person, who speaks the truth regardless of the situations. You also have an excellent social skills and oratory. You praise freedom and want to lead a private life away from any restriction.


- Section I
People with the top of their short atrial have a personality which is not appreciated. They have generally weak character and their nerves are always on edge.

- Section II
If the middle section is the shortest, it is a sign of stubbornness and laziness. These people do not like change and do not easily adapt to new situations.

- Section III
If the base of your little finger is shorter, you are a naive person, innocent, and you easily trust everybody. So if you are part of this category, you must very careful and not let you handle!