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What Zodiac Sign Are Sleeping Better

What Zodiac Sign Are Sleeping Better


Sleep is a natural need that allows us to recharge our batteries, to energize and prepare for the next day. But sometimes our sleep is disturbed without knowing why. If astrological elements were involved?

Astrology is a set of beliefs and traditions that affirm the position of the planets and constellations affects the health of the man, his character traits, his awakening and sleep cycles, etc.

Here is how the position of the Sun and Moon influence your sleep:

The sun
Overnight, we usually go through several sleep cycles each having different phases, so-called light sleep, deep and REM. These cycles can be separated by a period of "awakening" about two hours which is in the middle of the night.

In astrology, it begins when the Sun reaches a certain point in the circle of horoscopes, and its length corresponds to what happening at the House III, which is associated with mental activity, learning and communication. Moreover, it is for this reason that the waking period is very favorable for meditation, reflection and communication with yourself.

The moon
The waves emitted by the moon have a great impact on our sleep. Moreover, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Basel, and whose results were published in the journal Current Biology, showed that the Moon, by filling, it trigger a decline in hormone production sleep (melatonin) and a 30% decrease from the deep sleep phase. In addition, during the 4 days before or after the full moon, the total duration of sleep is reduced by 20 minutes, and that of falling asleep is extended by 5 minutes.

What does your horoscope reveals about your sleep?

it is a sign that most need sleep. If you are an Aquarius and you are asked why you're always tired, say it is the fault of your horoscope!

Pisces are most prone to dreams and nightmares. For them it is a healing mean and a communication mean  with themselves. This is why sleep is crucial for them to preserve their intuition and energy.

Because of their boundless energy, the aries often have trouble falling asleep. To relax and manage to get to sleep quickly, it is recommended to do exercises earlier in the day to spend your excess energy. It is also advisable to drink teas or relaxing herbal teas.

The natives of this sign are demanding and do not sleep if the quality of the mattress, pillows or sheets is not optimal! A warm bath or the relaxing smell of scented candles can be a great help them.

They are very creative people and have business sense. Their brain is boiling and constantly looking for new and brilliant ideas. To sleep, they have to practice relaxing excercise such as yoga or meditation to help control their thoughts.

Serious and creative at the same time, it usually has a disturbed sleep and nightmares. To solve this problem and get a restful sleep, it is recommended to practice breathing exercises and eliminate all sources of negative energy of the bedroom. Think of happy things before bed would have a huge positive effect on sleep quality.

Lions love sleeping close to their partner because this proximity gives them a sense of security and love that allows them to enjoy a better quality of sleep. Their bedroom should be warm, relaxing and playing and cuddling are the preferred activities before bedtime.

the people of this sign tend to suffer from the increased activity of their brain at bedtime. They like to make sure everything is well organized before going to bed. The best solution would be to keep a notebook and pen handy to record any brilliant idea or task at hand that could awaken them in the middle of the night.

Libra :
The natives of this sign tend to let their ideas from all over the place, and to oscillate between periods of excess and lack of sleep. To preserve the quality of your sleep, it is recommended to get away from technology, especially in the late evening. Do not forget that sleep is the key to physical and mental balance.

Very intuitive and have a keen mind and great intelligence, the Scorpions are natural night owls. They must practice meditation or any other relaxing practice in order to release energy so as to sleep better.

Sagittarians are always ready for adventure. They love traveling and can withstand the lack of sleep and rest in the short term. But when this condition is prolonged, their bodies and minds begin to send signs of fatigue. If so, tame your hunger for freedom and give yourself more rest and sleep.

Sleeping, for Capricorn is very important. Moreover, they take their sleep needs very seriously and ensure benefit from long nights of restful sleep. However, when they are stressed, the natives of this sign become very vulnerable to insomnia.