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Why Are People Of Blood Type O Special?

Why Are People Of Blood Type O Special?

People who have Blood Type O are very special. Find out why this universal blood type  distinguishes itself from other types. There are 4 main blood type in humans, 8 in total if we take into account the Rhesus system. Type O with a negative rhesus is considered a universal donor, which can therefore be used for a transfusion, regardless of the blood type of the recipient. But beyond this peculiarity, people of type O are distinguished by special characteristics. Let's go through them.

People Of Blood Type O Special

People with blood type O represent 42% of the population, divided between 36% of blood type O with rhesus positive and 6% of blood type O with rhesus negative. Rhesus indicates the presence or absence of what is called the D antigen on the surface of red blood cells. When the latter is absent, the rhesus is negative.

Blood transfusions are necessary when a person lacks red blood cells, this can be for a variety of reasons such as hemorrhage or bleeding. It is therefore in this context that the Rhesus negative blood type O intervenes. This blood type called the universal donor has blood that can be transfused to any other individual. However, you should know that he is not a universal recipient. Indeed, the O negative blood type can only receive blood from a person in the same type.

Blood type personality traits O
If the blood typeis often associated with health, it is in a completely different register that Japan addresses this genetic marker. Indeed, the land of the Rising Sun associates the blood type with the personality, and it is not rare to see Japanese people request the blood type of a foreigner when they meet him.

According to a BBC report, the workspace is sometimes even organized according to the different blood types of the employees. This theory linking different types to character was said to have emerged in 1927, in an article by Professor Takeji Furukawa, identifying temperament according to a person's blood type. His idea has since been taken up by Masahiko Nomi, a Japanese journalist in the 1970s, advocating the importance of compatibilities based on this particular characteristic.

Thus, these beliefs have spread in Japan, where now even marriage agencies organize meetings based on blood type!

If you are a blood type O person, this is what Japanese culture identifies as your most important characteristics:

Each blood type has certain qualities but is also inclined towards certain defects. Blood type O individuals would be ambitious, hardworking, passionate, generous and autonomous.

According to Japanese belief, for an individual of blood type O to be fulfilled in his life, it is essential that he is passionate about his work and that it fulfills his ambitions.

True leaders
Enterprising and dynamic, individuals belonging to type O are considered whole and very responsible when it comes to carrying out a project. Their competitive spirit continually motivates them to achieve their goals, but this quality has certain repercussions. It is difficult for them to accept criticism, especially when it comes from their partners. To avoid any discord, it is essential that they know how to choose their collaborators.

Secret in Romantic
As a couple, their quest for autonomy means that they often need space and do not like to be smothered by their partner. Thus, they are often perceived as cold or arrogant. However, once the confidence is acquired, these individuals show all their gentleness and their romanticism.

If no scientific study supports this culture, man always tries to understand others by all means. The link between blood types and personality, it is nevertheless interesting to note that whatever.