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Body And Mind Are Linked According To Chinese Medicine: Press These Two Points To Treat Many Pathologies

Body And Mind Are Linked According To Chinese Medicine: Press These Two Points To Treat Many Pathologies

As part of Chinese medicine, acupressure is used to relieve pain. Discover the result by pressing the points behind your knees. As we age, due to lack of physical activity or due to overweight, our body suffers from certain ailments and sees its energy reduced. Ultimately, this can lead to a certain handicap, especially in terms of joints, muscles or well-being. To remedy this, acupressure offers to massage certain reflex points, linked to the meridians of the body. Find two located behind your knees to relieve these conditions.

Body And Mind Are Linked According To Chinese Medicine:

From traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure consists of exerting pressure on the acupuncture reflex points in order to relieve certain ailments and resolve muscle stiffness. According to a meta-analysis on its effectiveness, this practice would also be useful for improving the function of the limbs and the quality of life of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Acupressure, an ancestral therapy

As part of manual therapy, acupressure stimulates the meridians to promote muscle relaxation and the flow of energy throughout the body.

Its benefits are varied and extend to the whole body. Indeed, acupressure reduces stress by allowing the nervous system to relax, to strengthen the immune system, to release tension and reduce back pain, to regain emotional balance, to prevent muscle injury in sports and improve physical performance.

The massage of the two points located behind the knee

Thus, this manual intervention decreases muscle tension and stimulates the meridians located in the body by pressing the reflex points with the fingers of the hand, then gradually relaxing.

Finally, to relieve muscle aches, acupressure is also practiced on the energy points located behind the knees. According to Michael Reed Gach, American specialist in acupressure and founder of the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, just massage the points GB34 and ST36, located at the knees:

Point ST36, also known as the point of longevity, relieves digestive disorders, tones muscles and strengthens the immune system.

Point GB34 reduces sciatica pain, hip aches, nausea and vomiting.

How to perform this massage?

Start by locating the two acupressure points. The point ST36 is located below your kneecap, below the hollow of the knee. You will notice that this area moves when you flex your foot.

The GB34 point is located on the outside of the leg, on the side of the knee.

Now that you've located them, make circular movements by massaging these two points. Then press on it with your thumbs and press firmly for 30 seconds before releasing gently. You will find that heat will diffuse instantly throughout the body.

You can perform this procedure every day to promote your general well-being.

Other tips to relieve everyday pains
Finally, to relieve muscle or joint pain, other natural means can be useful at home:

Stop all physical activity, rest and reduce inflammation by placing a bath glove with ice cubes on the painful area.

Use thermotherapy: heat reduces pain thanks to the dilation of blood vessels and unties tense muscles.

Massage with a warming gel or ointment to relieve muscle tension.

Acupressure does not replace medical care, if the pain persists, it is recommended to see a specialist doctor.

If the ailments are accompanied by fever, it is necessary to consult a doctor quickly.

For pregnant women, it is imperative to seek the advice of a doctor.