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Cockroach Milk Is The New Superfood According To Scientists

Cockroach Milk Is The New Superfood According To Scientists

This is unusual news but scientifically proven. “Cockroach milk” is the new superfood according to experts. Back on a trend. Phobics may be shocked by this news which may surprise more than one. This year, cockroaches are in the spotlight. These insects have long been seen with disgust and even fled with characteristic fear. Only it is the turn of these unloved species to shine in the field of nutrition. The reason ? Their milk which would be the new superfood in vogue because of its nutritious nature. A look back at an unexpected success reported by our colleagues from the British site Metro, who speaks of this product as the "trend of the year".

Cockroach Milk

Many are somewhat disgusted at the sight of a cockroach. This news may well be a game-changer since these critters could soon be the flagship “product” of nutrition aficionados. And for good reason, cockroach milk is the most nutritious and caloric substance ever discovered to date. This success makes this liquid a mine of benefits which is promised to a promising future if it is one day transformed into a food supplement.

Diploptera punctata
If we speak of cockroach milk through abuse of language, the insect behind the superfood is a subspecies with specific characteristics. It’s Diploptera punctata, a viviparous being. These cockroaches grow faster than other species because they feed on their mother's secretions. These have attracted the attention of the scientific community, which gives them amazing properties. Their conclusions are rather optimistic since they attribute the potential of cockroach milk to become a food supplement.

"One of the most nutritious substances ever discovered"
Cited by our colleagues from around the world, scientists at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine have called these secretions "liquid milk rich in protein" which gives this substance intended for the larvae of Diploptera punctata nutritional benefits. The approach behind this research was to find out how comparable this particular milk was to that of humans or cows. It then turned out that the chard was one of the most caloric and nutritious substances ever discovered.

Three times more protein than buffalo milk
One of the biochemists in the cohort of scientists has revealed rather encouraging information about the consumption of this insect milk. According to his findings, the latter contains three times more calories than buffalo milk, considered until then the animal that secreted the most caloric protein. This news has since spread around the world media and aroused the emotion of the most reluctant to this discovery.

Protein crystals
Interviewed by journalists from Metro Uk, nutritionist Egzona Makkoli is also convinced of the nutritional properties of cockroach milk. According to the specialist, the substance has an interesting energy and protein density. "There is evidence that this milk contains protein crystals that contain a high caloric content with a number of essential amino acids for health," she said.

Still according to the words collected by the British media, the nutritionist nevertheless expresses some reservations as for the future of the product. "I think a dietary supplement may see the light of day, but when I know what people think about cockroaches, it is unlikely to be as successful as expected," she said. There is a long way to go before this insect milk can be considered as an alternative to commonly consumed products.