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The Face Is Connected To All The Organs And Every Health Problem Is Visible On The Face

The Face Is Connected To All The Organs And Every Health Problem Is Visible On The Face

All organs in the body are connected to the face that's why our health is visible on the face. Here's how you can learn to "read" the signs on your face. Your face can say a lot about your health. Although this idea may seem far-fetched, it is not absurd. In traditional Chinese medicine, it occupies a prominent place since, according to its followers, the face is linked to our organs through very precise cartographic zones. It would therefore be a means of judging our general state of health.

Connected To All The Organs

There are several disorders that can appear on our skin: acne, redness or other discomfort which, at first glance, may seem harmless. However, traditional Chinese medicine interprets the place of manifestation of these disorders as a message from the body to signify a specific health problem. Focus on this ancestral technique.

The area between the eyes: liver
When it comes to liver problems, pimples tend to appear on the area between the two eyes. This can result from an accumulation of toxins that the emunctory organ cannot eliminate. To remedy this, a healthy and balanced diet is essential. In addition, Shirley Archer, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise recommends physical activity to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen our oxygen supply, essential for a natural detox.

Below the eyes: kidneys
The kidney is an essential organ for filtering blood and eliminating waste products through the urinary tract. But when it is not working optimally, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it would manifest itself through swelling around the eyes. According to Dr. Leslie Spry, nephrologist and spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation, this is due to a large amount of protein in the urine, signifying that the kidney's filtering function has been disrupted.

Cheeks: stomach and lungs
If related to allergies or a problem with the sinuses, certain breathing problems can lead to the appearance of pimples on the jaws, an area adjacent to the cheeks. According to traditional Chinese medicine, redness on the cheeks can also indicate an inflammation of the stomach.

Nose: heart
According to the vision of traditional Chinese medicine and "face mapping", the nose is linked to the health of the cardiovascular muscle. The appearance of acne pimples, for example, is a sign of too fatty a diet. It is advisable to rethink your diet when you are prone to the appearance of pimples on the nasal area. Avoid foods rich in saturated fatty acids and favor the consumption of nuts, avocado or fish rich in omega-3. In addition, it is recommended to use care adapted to your skin type while avoiding too oily textures.

The chin: hormones
The appearance of pimples or sores on your chin likely indicates hormonal problems. These can be caused by several factors including stress or the menstrual cycle. The best is to favor a healthy lifestyle, to relax and to promote relaxing exercises to combat stress.

The forehead: digestive tract
Digestion is a key process for our body, including turning food into essential nutrients for the body. When its function is disrupted, it is very likely that rashes will appear on the forehead. It is recommended to hydrate yourself properly and to favor foods rich in fiber to facilitate your intestinal transit.

Be aware, however, that there are several factors that can cause redness or pimples to appear on your face. One of them is obviously the presence of bacteria. It is therefore recommended to maintain perfect and optimal hygiene at all times. This applies to the face but also to the environment which continually exposes the skin to various external aggressions.