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An Old Granny Trick To Get Rid Of Gout Pain Naturally

An Old Granny Trick To Get Rid Of Gout Pain Naturally

For every ailment, a natural remedy is present in nature. Learn how to relieve gout pain with this juice with powerful analgesic properties. The efforts and the age can hurt our joints. An excess of uric acid accumulated in the body is manifested by gout attacks which can be stabbing from the toe. This disease can cause severe disabling pain to the person who suffers from it. Affecting 2% of the adult population in France, gout is favored by several factors of lifestyle and food. If this disease requires basic medical treatment, the latter can be prevented and relieved by nutritive intakes adapted to limit the presence of uric acid. Here is a natural remedy to relieve those pains that can manifest in the big toe.

Get Rid Of Gout Pain Naturally

Gout is a chronic disease whose attacks can be prevented with an adapted lifestyle. And for good reason, many foods contain a level of uric acid which can compromise the joints, without forgetting certain environmental and genetic factors.

The throbbing pains of seizures that occur particularly at night can be avoided by hygienic-dietetic rules followed with rigor and diligence. This disease characterized by the accumulation of uric acid can be prevented with a natural remedy and suitable ingredients.

What is gout?

Affecting one or more joints, gout is a specific form of arthritis that usually occurs in the big toe. These attacks can be very painful and throbbing for several days. The affected joints may have a purplish color. The cause: an accumulation of uric acid in the form of crystals in the body called hyperuricemia and causing an inflammatory reaction which can cause sharp and punctual pain.

What are Gout Symptoms?

The first gout attacks can occur from the age of 40 and mainly affect men. For women, these usually occur after menopause. Here's how they manifest:

Pain or swelling in the affected joint area
Discomfort, fever and chills in the most severe cases. These symptoms require emergency intervention.

Throbbing, throbbing and intense pain that usually occurs at night with more characteristic tenderness at the extremities.

What are the aggravating factors?
If the causes of gout are not scientifically established to date, certain environmental factors can determine the appearance of this chronic disease. Among them: a hearty diet rich in purines, found especially in red meats. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also precipitate gout attacks. This joint affection is moreover called by Hippocrates "the disease of kings" who are fond of pantagruelic meals and well watered. Gout can also be hereditary, caused by another illness, stress, or medication.

What ingredients should you favor for gout?

This disease requires appropriate medical treatment prescribed by a specialist. However, a diet low in purines can prevent its painful attacks.

Pineapple: In case of gout, this tropical fruit is a natural remedy all indicated as evidenced by this study, which indicates that the food helps decrease uric acid in the body.

Ginger: The Asian rhizome helps inhibit the accumulation of uric acid crystals, as this scientific experiment proves.

Turmeric: A powerful anti-inflammatory spice, this golden powder works to eliminate the pain characteristic of gout.

Celery: Thanks to its inhibitory mechanism on hyperuricemia proven by this study, this aromatic herb is ideal for preventing attacks.

How to prepare my anti-drip drink?
To observe conclusive results on your health, we advise you to obtain the ingredients of organic origin.

  • A tablespoon of ground ginger
  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder
  • A peeled pineapple
  • A cup of celery juice

Mix the ingredients in a blender to which you will add filtered water until you obtain a liquid and homogeneous preparation.
Usage: Drink the remedy 30 minutes before bedtime to prevent gout attacks.

Caution :
- Ginger and turmeric are not recommended in case of gallstones or taking anticoagulant treatment.

- Pineapple is prohibited in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding but also during gastric disorders.

- Celery should not be consumed during pregnancy due to its stimulating effect on uterine contractions.