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7 Things Not To Do During Your Period According To Gynecologists

7 Things Not To Do During Your Period According To Gynecologists

Menstruation is inevitable cycle of the month. The Periods come with their share of inconveniences as well their advantages. Here are 7 situations to avoid in order to better manage these few critical days of menstruation. Every month, from puberty until menopause, your body sends you a signal to let you know that "everything is working normally". It is estimated that a woman goes through 500 menstrual cycles in her lifetime. Primarily governed by two hormones aimed at preparing the body for a possible pregnancy, a woman's cycle is divided into two main phases, separated by ovulation. The periods marking the transition from one menstrual cycle to the next, they are the cause of various hormonal changes. To preserve your well-being during this delicate period, certain practices are to be avoided.

Not To Do During Your Period According To Gynecologists

The menstrual cycle is divided into three distinct phases: the follicular phase, ovulation and finally the progestogen phase. During the latter, a yellow body develops and secretes a hormone called progesterone, in order to prepare the uterus for a possible implantation of a fertilized egg. If the ovum has not been fertilized within a few days, the corpus luteum will regress and die at the end of the cycle. Everything is then evacuated through the periods.

Gynecologists ask women to stop doing these 7 things during their period

Menstrual period comes with a lot of inconvenience. For all women (or almost), these few days are clearly not easy. So, to live better this inevitable stage of the month, some precautions are to be taken. Here is a list of situations to avoid:

1- Put on tight clothes
During your period, exit fine lingerie and over-tight pants. During this period only one watchword: comfort! To avoid staining your favorite pants and jeans, it is better to opt for loose clothing in which you can feel comfortable as explained by Dr. Alain Robert.

2- Eat too salty
It's no secret that eating too salty is unhealthy. This is especially true during menstrual periods. As Angela Jones, a gynecologist at Terrafemina explains, overly salty foods can accentuate some symptoms of menstruation.

3- Make love without protecting yourself
Many mistakenly believe that menstruation ipso facto protects against a possible unwanted pregnancy. In truth, and as the NHS points out, although the probability is low, some women can get pregnant during unprotected intercourse during their period. This is explained by the fact that sperm can survive up to seven days in a woman's body and can therefore fertilize the oocyte in the event of early ovulation.

4- Stop practicing any sporting activity
Contrary to popular belief, sedentary lifestyle is the best enemy of women during their menstruation. If the urge to spend your day in bed seems tempting, playing sports during your period can actually be much more life-saving. Still according to Dr. Jones, it would help relieve headaches, boost energy and may even help relieve cramps.

5-Consume dairy products
Do you salivate on a cheese plate after finishing your meal? During your period, it is better to abstain from it according to the naturopath Candice Levy. And for good reason, you are much more sensitive to gases at this time of the month. So, to avoid accentuating bloating, irritating your intestines and intensifying cramps, dairy products should be consumed in moderation.

6- Overwashing of intimate parts
Although many women have the unpleasant feeling that they are never really clean during their period, excessive cleaning can sensitize the flora. According to Dr. Bohbot, washing twice a day is enough for good intimate hygiene.

7- Exposing yourself to the cold
During your period, it is strongly advised not to expose yourself to the cold or to walk barefoot. According to traditional Chinese medicine, too low temperatures and humidity are recurrent causes of cramps. To save you from various and varied pains, slippers and other pilou socks will be your best allies!