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Lockdown : Here's Why People Desperately Buy Toilet Paper

Lockdown : Here's Why People Desperately Buy Toilet Paper

The current health crisis in many countries around the world following the appearance of the coronavirus has created panic in many societies. Indeed, since the announcement of the spread of COVID-19 on all continents, drastic measures have been taken to limit the spread of this virus on a larger scale. These measures did not fail to panic the populations which hastened to rob the shelves of the supermarkets. Among the products currently in short supply, there is curiously the rolls of toilet paper, an issue that has been addressed by our colleagues from FoxNews.

Why People Desperately Buy Toilet Paper

If you are wondering why people rob the supermarkets and sometimes even come to blows to fill their carts with toilet paper since the arrival of the coronavrius, we have the answer for you:

Strict measures to fight the pandemic

In order to combat the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, a myriad of countries have put in place more or less strict measures, ranging from the simple ban on assemblies to a state of emergency.

Many of the affected countries began by banning large gatherings before taking more stringent measures such as closing schools, universities and shops or entertainment venues deemed to be non-essential. Some countries like China, Italy and France have announced general confinement, calling on their fellow citizens to stay at home and only go out when absolutely necessary in order to stock up on food or medicine.

Many countries have announced a "state of health emergency" in order to legally support and justify the measures taken in the context of containment. This state of health emergency implies the restriction of public liberties momentarily in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

General panic
Many people gave in to panic when faced with such measures. Indeed, the relatively quick reaction of governments and the drastic measures that have been imposed in many countries testify to the gravity of the situation, which has terrified many populations.

In view of the closure of schools, universities, restaurants, cafes and other places, certain populations believed that they were in an apocalyptic situation and therefore rushed to the supermarkets in order to stock up on basic necessities.

In this sense, it can be seen in supermarkets that a large number of people are looking to buy enough food and essentials to last for weeks or even months. This need to be safe creates not only a rush and unnecessary gatherings in supermarkets, but also temporary shortages of certain essential products.

Why people desperately buy toilet paper
Like food and cleaning products, toilet paper is considered to be a basic necessity considered by many to be “essential”.

So, for fear of running out, a plethora of people raided the hygiene shelves of their supermarkets in order to get gigantic stocks of toilet paper, creating panic, disorder and fights around them. In Hong Kong, the panic was such that an armed robbery with toilet paper took place.

The crisis caused by the appearance of the new coronavirus has therefore demonstrated a very particular obsession with contemporary societies: an obsession with toilet paper which, in reality, does not have to be.

Furthermore, as explained by some experts, this behavior refers to the fact that when a category succumbs to panic buying, it is appropriate for others to do the same so as not to end up in lack. It has become a symbol of security in people's heads, as Steven Taylor, author of "The Pathology of Pandemics", points out. He also adds that most people try to keep their families safe. Just like he evokes dislike for anything that disgusts, which makes people rush to toilet paper to avoid disgusting things.

Why People Desperately Buy Toilet Paper

Surviving without toilet paper
Besides being unfounded in view of the existence of sufficient stocks to supply the populations for months, the fear of people who rob the PQ shelves of supermarkets has no reason to be because the rolls of toilet paper are far from essential.

Indeed, this global health crisis should allow us to question certain things, and the elements essential to our survival are part of it. If the need for food cannot be discussed, the importance of toilet paper is questionable.

In addition to damaging the environment by accelerating deforestation around the world, rolls of toilet paper clog our sewers and create congestion that costs our public finances as much as it does our planet.

In addition, contrary to popular belief, wiping with toilet paper is not the most effective method of maintaining good hygiene. Indeed, toilet paper only moves fecal matter and urine without really cleaning them, and rinsing with water remains much more hygienic and effective.