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Why Deep People Feel Lonely And Misunderstood

Why Deep People Feel Lonely And Misunderstood

Have you ever noticed that deep people always feel alone and misunderstood? You may be one of them. Find out why? Sometimes we can feel lonely, upside down and against everyone. We feel misunderstood and have the impression that no one can recognize us in our difference. If that is the case for you, it is not as negative as it seems since you may well be a very deep person. You are then an extraordinary being and you will be able to manage this character trait to get out of the game in society.

Why Deep People Feel Lonely And Misunderstood

You are not alone in feeling misunderstood, even excluded from a selfish and greedy society. Many feel marginalized and, as a direct consequence, isolate themselves in a profound silence so as not to be hurt. But these individuals distinguish themselves from the masses on many levels, intellectual and creative. Not being interested in the passions of ordinary people is not a bad thing because this introspection can make you grow. Some may think that you are haughty and calculating, but you can tame your depth with these habits.

1- Accept yourself
The first step is to face what you are so afraid of: being different. It is a reality that cannot be changed and so much the better since it makes your wealth invaluable. Seeing things from a different perspective makes you an exceptional being with multiple possible horizons. So accept this state of mind and know how to sublimate it by assuming yourself like a lion in a hostile jungle. It’s this roar that will set you free.

2- Connect to deep people
To know that you are not alone, listen to those who look like you because they may well look like you more than you seem. Stop becoming sympathetic to the wrong people and prefer to be real. Honesty is not a weakness and open your heart no matter what the cost. An essential attitude to attract those who share your depth.

3- Pursue your dreams
Your difference should not prevent you from cherishing the hope of fulfilling all your aspirations, on the contrary. Your passion distinguishes you from the conformist crowd and thanks to it you have a life mission that helps you to feel alive. Having a sense of existence is a luxury that few people have and it will keep you going until your last breath. A vital impulse that will help you create things that will allow you to reach posterity.

3- Ignore opinion of others
Sartre said: "Hell is other people". And this is all the more so when people are constantly getting involved in your projects telling you that you are crazy to have them. They want to discourage you since they do not have the courage to pursue their own dreams and are content to criticize others out of ignorance or envy. We are born alone and we die alone so don't let someone destroy your ambitions because you are the architect of your life and your success. You would benefit from ceasing to hold others accountable for your failures in order to take control of your life.

4- Being selfish
It sounds pejorative at first, but that doesn't mean that being selfish means being mean or self-centered. It just means that you put your person first and you don't sacrifice yourself for anyone. The sacrifice is toxic because in the end, you will always end up being angry with the person for whom you made it. Don't sell your life for an idea, your family, a religion or a nation. You are your Eternal and you live for your happiness and your growth day by day.

5- Knowing how to say no
These three letters are the key to your freedom. Do not be afraid to displease and dare to refuse what displeases you because your time is your most precious and irreplaceable asset. Look the person asking for you in the eye and say why you do not want to submit to your will. If she insists, it means she disrespects you and it is not worth having it in your life. Beings who truly love you accept you in your individuality and value you by being loyal to your moral principles.

6- Trivialize loneliness
Loneliness is not your enemy. Sartre also said: "If you feel alone, it means that you are in bad company." Being alone is a huge vector of learning and wisdom, so there is no point in seeing this as inevitable. This state allows you to grow and reconnect to your true being. It is only this introspection that will allow you to reach your wildest dreams and you will notice that artists often isolate themselves voluntarily to create.