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Fibromyalgia Woman Relieved Pain With Simple 11$ Cream

Fibromyalgia Woman Relieved Pain With Simple 11$ Cream

A person with fibromyalgia, suffering from pain in the body and having no access to morphine was able to relieve her suffering with a simple cream. The isolation and containment required by the current pandemic situation are restrictive and trying on several levels. And for good reason, some people suffering from chronic illnesses are unable to obtain the treatments adapted to their illness. This is the case of a young woman with fibromyalgia who found herself without access to morphine, which was necessary for her to relieve her pain. Her constant search for alternatives to morphine let her to great discovery of an inexpensive cream which, she says, has proven to be effective in alleviating her suffering. 


A disease finally verified after many sufferings
Louise Woodfine, 31, from the United Kingdom, has been suffering from fibromyalgia since June 2019. This diagnosis was communicated to her shortly after her first delivery, having taken place in a traumatic way. Ascribing the tiredness of her condition to the deliverance of her baby girl and postpartum, Louise was far from suspecting that she was suffering from a difficult condition that would turn her everyday life upside down. Thus, after extensive examinations, she was able to be diagnosed with her illness. Thus, she had developed symptoms such as: chronic low back pain, heavy fatigue, brain fog, forgetfulness, insomnia and muscle pain.

She says, "I feel like I have lost many years of my life because of unnecessary tests, exams and persistent pain because fibromyalgia was only confirmed recently as a real disease. I entered my GP's office expecting to receive the same type of advice as before (pain relievers, exercise, sleep, etc.). Instead, my general practitioner said the word "fibromyalgia", something I had never heard of before. "

Indeed, after many tests and evaluations carried out in recent years, she was finally able to determine the origin of her illness. Her medical condition demonstrated that she had severe fibromyalgia in 13 main areas of her body.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread, chronic pain in the body, accompanied by sleep and mood disorders and anxiety. This disease is the cause of the suffering of millions of French people. This disease has long been related to psychological disorders. Researchers at McGill University in Canada, however, seem to have gotten hold of the cause of this biologically-based disease, namely a genetic mutation causing a malfunction of an enzyme essential for the production of serotonin. The latter being one of the main neurotransmitters of the nervous system, playing a role in the spread and control of pain. Research is currently focused on targeting serotonin levels to reduce the painful symptoms of this disease.

Difficulty finding a suitable treatment
Since the discovery of her illness, Louise has continued to use various treatments to try to relieve some of her symptoms. Unfortunately, most of them have proven to be ineffective in alleviating ailments. The only alternative that did not delight the young woman very much: to use morphine, at the rate of 4 times a day, which worried Louise because of the risks of dependence linked to her frequent consumption.

Discovery of an alternative
But that was not to say that the young woman was going to admit defeat in the face of the difficulty of her illness. Carrying out her investigation on the net and crisscrossing the discussion forums all day long, Louise got wind of a certain cream that would have soothing effects. Having no other choice to alleviate her pain and given her restricted access to morphine due to confinement, she followed the advice of Internet users by obtaining the cream "Actimas Celafen" which cost only 11$ and began to use it. use to test it. To her surprise, a remarkable change had occurred in just 4 days of use! Louise had discovered that this cream had an analgesic power which considerably reduced her symptoms.

Actimas Celafen

She testified that she was skeptical when she started using the cream and then started to notice pain relief, which has allowed her to gradually reduce the dose of morphine over the past seven months of using it.

However, it should be noted that this cream is intended to relieve pain related to arthritis and stiffness in the joints and is not specific to the treatment of fibromyalgia. It is made up of cetylated fatty acids and menthol which act on painful and swollen joints like an anti-inflammatory but cannot constitute a miracle remedy to treat fibromyalgia.