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How To Make A Homemade Orange Peel Cleaner To Disinfect Your Home

How To Make A Homemade Orange Peel Cleaner To Disinfect Your Home

Forget about chemical detergents on the market! Here is a simple recipe to prepare a natural homemade disinfectant with orange peel! With the meteoric increase in illnesses and allergies due to the toxins we face every day, it is more important than ever to protect ourselves and limit exposure to allergens. One of the best ways to do this is to gradually replace all chemicals with more natural alternatives that are not harmful to health. In this article, we show you how to prepare an all-purpose house cleaner with orange peel to disinfect your house and give it a nice fresh scent!

Homemade Orange Peel Cleaner To Disinfect Your Home

Orange is the fruit of choice to prepare fresh and thirst-quenching juices and benefit from its excellent vitamin C intake. In addition, instead of throwing leftover bark in the trash, it is possible to reuse this organic skin by through composting, and for more useful purposes such as the preparation of a fragrant, homemade disinfectant detergent.

This 100% natural alternative allows you to effectively clean your interior while avoiding the inhalation of toxic materials that destabilize endocrine disruptors. What's more, orange peel has many antioxidant and antibacterial properties that are ideal for fighting microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Thanks to its concentration of polyphenolic compounds, this natural cleanser helps fight microbial activity. This makes it a powerful disinfecting agent, especially thanks to the combined actions of purifying white vinegar with that of orange peel, reputed to be effective for dissolving fats.

Indeed, white vinegar also has an antibacterial action thanks to the acetic acid it contains. It has a proven efficacy, according to a study, to fight food-borne pathogenic bacteria including Escherichia Coli, as well as it can kill mycobacteria, and it is considered to be a largely effective and economical biocide.

Ingredients and necessary utensils:
- Orange peel
- White vinegar
- Some water
- A Mason jar
- A spray bottle
- A colander

Method for preparing the orange peel cleanser
- After peeling the oranges, place the peels in a large Mason jar with a lid;
- Add to the mixture a cup of vinegar and another cup of water;
- Close the container hermetically and let everything soak for two weeks;
- Once the time has elapsed, place the solution in a spray bottle without the orange peels that you previously filtered using a colander;
- It is also possible to add a few drops of lemon essential oil but it is optional.

Your home detergent is now ready! You can use it to clean and disinfect all surfaces using a microfiber cloth preferably. In addition to being economical, this product will also pleasantly perfume your interior with a scent of oranges.

orange peels

Multiple uses for the cleanser based on orange peel

- For all-purpose cleaning: The vinegar solution based on orange peel is useful for scaling and disinfecting several surfaces: counters, floors, door handles, sinks, tables, tiled floors or even house windows.

- For the bathroom: pour a cup of the liquid and vigorously rub the edges and the inside of the bathtub to remove encrusted stains. Dilute some of the liquid to scrub sinks and shower heads effectively.

- For the interior of furniture: this mixture is ideal for ventilating your drawers and other cupboard compartments and getting rid of their musty smell. Just empty them from their containers and apply the spray then wait for it to dry before putting everything back in its place.

- For the microwave: Use the solution to disinfect the inside of your microwave from splashes (Tomato sauce, mash…) and other resistant dirt being housed there. To improve the odor, place a bowl filled with the vinegar mixture made from orange peels and heat for a few minutes. The steam released will help remove any remaining stains effectively with a sponge or cloth.

- For dishes: this cleaner is just as useful for removing tough lime stains on your glass containers because the citric acid it contains comes to attack them to reduce their opacity. Your glasses will be like new!

- For laundry: the cleaner can also be used as a softener when rinsing the laundry and bring a fresh smell to clothes.