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How To Easily Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds In Your Own Home

How To Easily Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds In Your Own Home

With these steps you can grow a lemon tree at home from a single lemon. The result is fresher, chemical-free fruit. You are aware that lemon is a citrus fruit with significant benefits. Apart from its many properties and its ability to purify our organism, few people know that it is possible to grow a lemon tree at home. We therefore present in this article how to grow lemons at home.

Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds In Your Own Home

Growing a lemon tree at home means obtaining a fresher fruit in the long term by taking advantage of its vitamin C and Flavonoids intake for free.

You will need the following:

- A lemon: Keep in mind that to obtain a lemon tree you would have to get an organic lemon to avoid any trace of pesticides. As long as you take the right type of lemon, all types of seeds are fine unless you don't have the right climate or space. In which case, you can opt for lemons called Meyer lemons which are generally used for aesthetic purposes. These are distinguished from "classic" lemons by their smaller size and can therefore be more easily sown in a pot inside.

- Natural fertilizer: You can use any type of soil mixture with organic fertilizer.

- A pot: As you are about to grow a lemon tree, it is better to take into account the width that this will involve. Therefore, favor a container with a sufficient diameter and provided with holes for drainage.

- Sunlight: To promote the growth of the lemon tree, sunlight is a key element. You will expose your pot near the window or in the garden so that it can receive enough hours of sun. Besides, you can consider buying yourself an artificial light in case you live in an area with an unfavorable climate.

Lemon seed germination
- To start the germination process well, you will first need to soak the soil in water in a fool before moistening your pot in which you are going to put your moist soil. Be careful not to fill your entire container leaving a few inches.

- Then take your lemon and take a pip before putting it in your mouth until the bitter taste disappears.

- Keep the seed moist in your mouth for a few moments before inserting it into the ground.

- At a rate of about 1.2 cm, plant the seed underground that you have nested on top of it and then sprinkle it with a little water, preferably using a sprayer.

Grow your lemon tree in good conditions
- It is first of all important that your seeds stay both hot and humid. To do this, get a clear plastic bag and cover your container with it.

- The soil should be monitored regularly, ensuring that it does not dry out. Indeed, keep in mind that your growing seed needs a balance between heat and humidity so that it does not rot due to too much exposure to the sun or because of poor watering. . The idea is to avoid excess.

- It should be the most rewarding phase for you. Indeed, after two or three weeks of waiting, you will begin to perceive the growth that emerges from the soil. At that time, you will put your jar back in sunlight after removing the clear plastic.

With regular maintenance based on water, sunlight and organic fertilizer, you just have to be patient to enjoy a beautiful lemon tree which will give you a high quality citrus, fresher and especially without chemicals.