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4 Planets Are Downshifting Right Now: They Are Sending Intense Energy

4 Planets Are Downshifting Right Now: They Are Sending Intense Energy

Coming out of a period of confinement, such news makes us smile. And for good reason, no less than 4 planets are downshifting and are truly a good omen. Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are therefore in the same movement and announce a real opportunity for change on all fronts. At first glance, this can be a real upheaval, but it is for the best. Be ready for this celestial configuration because you could well benefit from intense energies!

4 Planets Are Downshifting Right Now And The Energy They Are Sending Is Intense

What better news than that of a good omen? And this is the one we are going to announce to you since 4 planets downshift and are called Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. This movement heralds profound changes in those who are influenced by this celestial quartet. Be prepared because their energies are intense and several signs are likely to greatly benefit from it whether it is work, love or on a personal level. You just need to be aware of it to reap the benefits.

A retrograde quartet
Together, four planets downshift. The consequence ? These stars shake many of us. Saturn started on the wheelchairs starting on May 11, Venus on the 13, Jupiter the next day and finally Pluto on the 25th. And these auras feed each other and create a real energy which will fuel our deepest passions. Here is the influence of the demotion of each planet, each of which will have the role of improving a part of your life. Inestimable opportunities to become the best version of yourself to reach your Higher Being.

How do we influence Pluto?
At first glance, Pluto rather plays the Cassander because it conveys a strong sense of fear and anxiety. However, this planet is purging us of our apprehensions to better get out of our comfort zone. Do not be surprised to feel pain that you do not know. Thus, several unsuspected conflicts may arise but these will allow you to sort your relationships on the fly. An essential step to be able to aspire to the change you deserve. The demotion of Pluto is therefore the cornerstone of this celestial configuration bringing change.

How does Venus change us?
The beautiful female planet will be in demotion until the end of June. The latter will therefore be very present to influence the Gemini since this is their season. Its effect will be to make it more difficult to express your feelings for others and even to be forgiving for yourself. Do not give in to the illusion that this celestial configuration prevents you from making the right decisions for your life because it will, on the contrary, push you to the impetus necessary to reach unexpected heights. Evil for good, therefore, to reach your full potential.

How does Saturn upset us?
Saturn will cause a deep click. As this planet backslides, it brings us back to basics. Do not go astray, this deep questioning will lead you to sort through your existence. Perhaps the last few years have been the subject of many mistakes that you will finally have the lucidity to notice. You will be able to become aware of the things that count like your goals, your loved ones but also your ultimate essence.

What is the impact of Jupiter?
It’s the last planet but not the least since the giant will send us the best energies and will bring good luck. Under his influence, you will see unexpected doors open to bring your long-standing projects to fruition. It could be through a meeting or a cash inflow that you won't see coming. This configuration which will last until September will help you achieve bliss and you will be surprised to understand that you are taking problems more lightly.

This somewhat casual attitude will help you be more optimistic. An essential vision to achieve what you really want and a final touch that we expected so long after all these upheavals that made us doubt our abilities. You will benefit from using all these energies to seize all the opportunities that come your way and catalyze a profound change. Sometimes, what one might consider as an obstacle is ultimately only a precious saddle to be able to precisely overcome all difficulties.