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The Recipe For Chocolate Cake, Sugar-Free, Butter-Free, Gluten-Free

The Recipe For Chocolate Cake, Sugar-Free, Butter-Free, Gluten-Free

Here is a healthy and delicious chocolate cake recipe that will not only help keep your shape, but will also delight your family's taste buds. Despite the existence of hundreds of flavors and flavors, it is undeniable that chocolate remains the king of desserts. From the discovery of cocoa to the present day, people around the world have been conquered by its particular taste. For all chocolate lovers, today we show you how to prepare a healthy chocolate cake to die for. You can please your family and enjoy a delicious dessert while keeping the line. Nothing better than a chocolate cake to bring your whole little tribe together especially in these times of confinement. Without further ado, here is the recipe!
delicious chocolate cake

The Recipe For Chocolate Cake, Sugar-Free, Butter-Free, Gluten-Free

Imagine a delicious chocolate cake that keeps your shape? Most skeptics will say that this is too good to be true, and yet it is possible to make tasty pastries without risking damaging your figure. Here is the list of ingredients.

- A avocado 
- 75 g of cocoa powder without sugar
- 100 g of 80% dark chocolate
- 2 tablespoons of agave syrup
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
- 75 g oatmeal
- 2 eggs

It should be noted that it is preferable that you choose organic ingredients. In doing so, you will ensure that you consume healthy, quality ingredients.

The avocado wishes you well
In this recipe, the avocado replaces the butter in a classic cake. This fruit contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the proper functioning of your body. From vitamin B9 to vitamin C via vitamin E, it is strongly advised to incorporate this fruit into your daily diet. This study shows, eating avocado regularly, at the rate of one fruit per day, would help regulate your lipid profile and prevent the risk of heart disease. It would even help you keep your line by causing a feeling of satiety thanks to the dietary fibers it contains as shown in this study published in 2019 in the scientific journal Nutrients.

Lose weight with chocolate
So this is a statement that will surprise more than one, chocolate would help lose weight. But not just any. You should know that most chocolates on sale are also full of sugar, it is the latter which tends to make you fat. If you are a chocolate lover and want to keep your figure, you should favor dark chocolate. As shown in this study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, individuals who consumed nearly 30 g of dark chocolate per day saw their body mass index decrease. So that's enough to convince the most skeptical. The benefits of chocolate don't stop there. You may have already noticed it but you always feel in a good mood after consuming it. This is not a coincidence since according to this study, the consumption of chocolate can stimulate good mood.

- Start by preheating your oven to 180 ° C.
- Crush your avocado and melt your chocolate in a double boiler.
- Mix the two ingredients until you get a homogeneous consistency.
- You can then add the eggs, the agave syrup, the vanilla extract and the flour.
- Use a silicone mold so that your cake does not stick.
- Bake for 25 minutes.
- Go out and let it cool before you can taste with your family for a moment of conviviality and happiness that will do you good in this difficult period.