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The Smartest Thing A Woman Can Do Is Learn To Never Need A Man

The Smartest Thing A Woman Can Do Is Learn To Never Need A Man

Here are the characteristics of women who do not feel the need to have a man in their lives. Qualities that would testify to their intelligence. In a more historical context, women were “dependent” on men since the latter provided for the needs of the household. A inequality that is altogether "unnatural" but historically constructed. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that women began their emancipation. They were no longer dependent on humans for the satisfaction of material needs and could finally access education, culture or the right to vote in Western societies at least. In countries where modernity and freedom of the body reign, they can in principle dispense with man.

The Smartest Thing A Woman Can Do Is Learn To Never Need A Man

Despite everything, and still today, there are dictates against which the woman should face. Learning not to need a man means emancipating yourself from the glance and sometimes reductionist role that society is willing to give it. Unfortunately, our society still has the legacy of an unequal past.

In this context, many women still continue to face obstacles to better build and develop as individuals without experiencing the "need" to bond with men. Increasingly, they can share their life with a man without being financially and emotionally dependent on him. Here for this purpose, a selection of qualities specific to these independent women.

She has her own perception of things
A woman who does not wait to scream the siren of the "need" of another, is not afraid of the results or consequences of her actions. These are determined by convictions and rules marked with a hot iron. Having your own rules without infringing on the integrity of man, or more generally on that of others, is a laudable and attractive quality.

She expresses her opinions
Opinions constructed and forged according to time and experience must be legitimately expressed whether one is a man or a woman. The latter does not forget that there are as many individuals as opinions and a fortiori, will not be influenced by a heap of advice on the right path to walk as she has her own ethics.

She does not need validation
The need for validation is rooted in each of us, but we should tame it and know how to do without it and that, the independent woman has understood. His determination and self-confidence are not dependent on the validation of others but rather on his personal experiences. This quality gives it a character that does not waver or very rarely depending on the dynamics of its surroundings.

She does not yield to authority
Everyone is in danger and yet the reckless spirit of the independent woman, although aware of the risks, keeps her from being intimidated by the authoritarian hierarchy or by any other form of "superior" figure. And yet integrity and respect for others characterize it just as much. Notice to detractors and other toxic people, she is not ready to give in to fear and venomous depreciation.

She doesn't "need" a man
A woman who does not feel the need to have a man in her life does not prevent her from wanting love. However, the permanent need for affection is far from qualifying it.

She doesn't need to be liked
It is simply impossible for anyone to be appreciated by everyone. The lucidity of a strong woman is essential when it comes to accepting this reality which "goes without saying". Although it can be creased at times, because it is not made of stone, it does not allow itself to be disturbed when it receives neither validation nor sympathy despite the absence of bad intentions on its part.