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Traditional Medicine Facial Map Reveals Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick And What Are The Solutions

Traditional Medicine Facial Map Reveals Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick And What Are The Solutions

According to traditional oriental medicine, each area of your face reveals your health problems. One of the oldest medicines is the one straight from the Middle Kingdom. With a philosophy that advocates taking care of one's health capital rather than treating illnesses, this therapy is holistic, that is to say that all the organs are linked. According to this millennial science, each part of your face can reveal a disorder or an illness. Thus, acne, for example, can translate to a gastric disease or an eating problem. Discover through this theory if your organism is functioning optimally with Healthline which informs us about it.

Traditional Medicine Facial Map

Did you know that your face can teach you much more than your dermatological disorders? The reason, according to traditional medicine: each area of ​​this part of the body translates each of your health problems. Find out which ones and how to overcome them. These oriental techniques have been used for millennia to advocate well-being and a holistic approach to all your ills.

Traditional Medicine Facial Map

Can you imagine that your face hides a card that reveals all your health problems? At first glance, it seems difficult to believe, but oriental doctors have known this for a very long time. 3000 years old, Chinese face mapping considers the face like a map where each part is connected to internal organs. Even better, your skin indicates the ability of your organs to function properly. And for good reason, the latter is very fine, sensitive and reactive. It is for this reason that each of these areas reflects a malfunction that it is wise to know.

1- The nose
If you often have blemishes on the nose such as redness or blackheads and this is mainly focused on this area, everything is explained. This can mean many disorders such as hypertension, exposure to pollution, gas as well as poor blood circulation which manifests with dermatological reactions on this organ. The latter is also connected to the heart. To treat these internal disorders, detoxify yourself regularly.

2- The front
Imperfections on the forehead essentially mean, for oriental and holistic doctors, that you are probably consuming too much alcohol or industrial foods rich in fats and refined sugars. This factor is manifested by acne on the forehead or other unsightly marks. To fight head-on against them, make sure you get enough hydration, sleep better, avoid stress, and eat better. This should quickly reflect on your skin.

3- Chin and mouth
These areas are directly related to your hormone production. To come back to the source of this problem, it is about a lack of hydration, a copious consumption of salt and caffeine which results directly on your mouth and your chin. Having a heavy hand on spices can also cause you this type of skin problem that is related to your hormones.

4- Between eyebrows
When you notice many blemishes in this patch of your face, worry about how your liver is working. It would be wise to check if this digestive organ is not overloaded with toxins. So, get down to engaging in sustained physical activity. You can choose a sport that you like such as dance, yoga or swimming if you want to resume a pleasant but regular rhythm.

5- The brow bone
If your skin conditions are concentrated in this area, blame unrestrained alcohol consumption, weak heart, smoking or poor blood circulation. Banish these factors from your life and everything should be in order. These lifestyle habits are also very harmful for the whole of your organism and it is therefore essential to eliminate them for optimal health at all levels.

6- The neck and jaw
Your blemishes are scattered all over your jawbones and your neck and that means your stomach is involved. Possible reasons are eating too spicy foods, stress and lack of sleep. So resume a healthy lifestyle by limiting sources of anxiety and completely rethinking your diet. You will also benefit from thinking about your sleep rhythm by making full nights.

7- The cheeks
Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and blackheads can populate your cheeks. If it can be a skin disorder, there may be underlying reasons for these problems. Among them, sugar, stress, poor diet and smoking, not to mention air pollution or bacteria from pillowcases or mobile phones.

8- The bottom of the cheeks
This dermatological disorder frequently translates pulmonary disorders for oriental doctors. This can be caused by smoking in the first place but also by pollution. You would benefit from avoiding places with many fine particles but also by limiting your cigarette consumption. If it seems difficult, an accompaniment with a counselor can help you stop this habit, which is dangerous for you and your loved ones.