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Baked Meatballs: The Light And Tasty Recipe

Baked Meatballs: The Light And Tasty Recipe

The world is currently experiencing a health crisis that has renewed our ties with our homes and especially our kitchens. For lovers and enthusiasts of small dishes to prepare at home, this may be the time to take full advantage of this time to learn new recipes. Without moving from home, it is quite possible to taste good dishes whose capacity does not escape you. And it is all the more pleasant when the tastes are reminiscent of specialties that we used to savor in restaurants. Discover this light recipe, both healthy and tasty, but also easy to prepare. You will only need a few ingredients!

Baked Meatballs

We have known the horrors and the psychological consequences of confinement during this pandemic Covid-19 crisis. However, we cannot deny that it is also an excellent opportunity to let everyone express their creativity in the kitchen and to give themselves the means to make tasty dishes a success. A delicious recipe for oven-baked meatballs, chicken or fish could capsize you. Discover all the stages.

Meat, chicken or fish: the same recipe!
Preparing a delicious dish requires choosing the ingredients and the quality of the products. The first step is to opt for meatballs from your butcher, according to your preferences: whether it is meat or chicken, there is a way to prepare this recipe for optimal and succulent taste. Note that it can also be done with salmon, tuna or cod. It will be up to you to choose according to your preferences.

Anyway, remember that the main objective is to prepare a light dish. While we are used to dumplings in sauce or deep-fried, an oil-free version promises great flavors too. The secret is to put them in the oven. Here are all the steps to prevent them from cooking when dry.

Baked Meatballs

Baked dumplings
After choosing your main ingredient, the mixing must be done so that your meat keeps its flavors. To prevent it from drying out, add the following ingredients to 350 g of meat:
  • 3 slices of sliced ​​bread
  • 3 spoons of bread crumbs to keep for baking
  • A glass of milk 
  • One egg 
  • Grated Parmesan cheese
  • A spoon of chopped parsley
  • Some spices according to your tastes
Baked Meatballs

Prepare the dumplings
All of your ingredients should be poured into a bowl. Start with the slices of white bread that you will crumble and the milk before adding the rest. As a final preparation, this will form a slimy and compact paste. If you like onion, add a few spoons of chopped onion, and mix everything together.

Cooking time
Before cooking your recipe, it is recommended to let the mixture rest in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, preheat your oven and place a suitable dish on it where you will have parchment paper so that your preparation does not stick.

Form dumplings, medium in size, before placing them on top of the baking paper on your oven plate. Pour a little olive oil, and place a few bread crumbs on it.

Your dumplings should cook at 200 degrees for 20 minutes, but turn them over after 10 minutes of cooking. You can serve them with sautéed vegetables, wholegrain rice or a Mediterranean salad.

Baked Meatballs

Your dish will then be ready for tasting. Enjoy your meal !