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Delicious Egg-free, Sugar-free Caramel Custard With 5 Ingredients (No Need For An Oven)

Delicious Egg-free, Sugar-free Caramel Custard With 5 Ingredients (No Need For An Oven)

Flan is part of the English culinary tradition and designates a variety of dishes. Across the Channel, what is called pudding is a generic term for various desserts, including rice pudding, creams or custards, as well as other variations of savory pudding. Let's take a closer look at this English dessert with this simple, quick and egg-free preparation.

caramel custard

Often looking compact and moist, the caramel custard is also a mixture of different ingredients. Although it is not generally known to have an attractive appearance, its taste could surprise more than one palate despite the first reservations expressed by many of us.

This simple custard recipe will reconcile you with this famous dessert which will require only five ingredients here without the need for eggs. To get started, here are the ingredients you'll need.

- Two 200 ml boxes of coconut cream or a 400 ml box
- Half a liter of coconut milk
- A sachet of unflavored gelatin
- A glass of water
- 70 g of fructose

It is better to replace sugar with a natural alternative, you can choose to use fructose which is present in honey or agave syrup for example. If honey is your choice, use two tablespoons. Regarding the agave syrup, it remains as good a choice as honey in addition to having a low caloric content while being low in carbohydrates.

caramel custard

Known for its low glycemic index, fructose is a sugar that comes from fruits. Ideal to replace sugar by its healthy nature, it is an interesting alternative from a nutritional point of view.

Coconut milk, a major ally
Delicate on the palate, coconut milk has established itself as an alternative to condensed milk thanks to its many virtues. And for good reason, it is one of those foods adopted by lovers of healthy preparations.

Among the many benefits of coconut milk, its antifungal properties are particularly effective against bacteria and infections, thanks to its lauric acid content. Thus, the immune system is strengthened as it is consumed.

Once again, lauric acid is an effective agent against bad cholesterol and therefore contributes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular accident. In addition, coconut milk is a significant ally for the complexion and the immune system thanks to its supply of minerals and vitamins. Provided you consume it in moderation.

For growing people, it is a valuable source of vitamin B9 (folic acid) and remains a major contributor to cell reproduction. The latter being correlated with the different growth phrases.

Other benefits of coconut milk concern its ability to help digestion, reduce blood sugar, prevent memory problems, act as a moisturizer and finally soften the skin while making it more resistant against external aggressions.

Here is the preparation of the caramel custard, healthy version.

caramel custard

Preparation of the Caramel Custard

- Equip yourself with a blender then put the coconut cream and the coconut milk in it. Beat it all.

- Take your sachet of unflavored gelatin and dissolve it in the blender with the cream and coconut milk

- Mix for 4 minutes.

- Independently, put 70g of fructose to pour in a frying pan with a glass of water (pour it visibly to monitor the consistency of the syrup) and stir everything until you get a caramelized substance.

- Pour your mixture into the pan containing the syrup.

- Cook for about 15 minutes.

- Finally, put your preparation in the refrigerator then wait about 1 hour and 30 minutes before tasting.