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A Damaged Kidney Makes You Sick And Unhealthy: 5 Symptoms To Identify

A Damaged Kidney Makes You Sick And Unhealthy: 5 Symptoms To Identify

A damaged kidney can make you sick and unhealthy. Here are 5 important signs to know in order to identify a problem with kidney function. The body is a complex machine. A multitude of mechanisms work in tandem to keep the body healthy. One of the most important organs in the human body is the kidney. Located on each side of the spine at the level of the back, the kidneys fulfill, among other things, an important role: that of filtering blood and evacuating urine. Malfunction of the kidneys can lead to multiple consequences which can constitute a real danger. It is therefore essential to know how to identify the various signs that can alert you to the existence of a kidney problem. We will present in this article 5 symptoms that do not deceive.

A Damaged Kidney Makes You Sick And Unhealthy

For a healthy body, it is important that each organ can perform its function without hindrance. The kidneys perform multiple roles, understanding these will let you know if your kidney is working properly or not.

An organ with multiple functions
Each normally constituted human being has two kidneys. These bean-shaped organs are found in the lumbar region on either side of the spine and not in the hip, contrary to popular belief. You should know that even if you have two, it is quite possible to live normally with one kidney.

One of the most essential roles of this organ is filtering the blood. The latter arrives through the renal artery and leaves the filtered kidney. This mechanism produces waste and we come to the second function of the kidney, that of producing urine which makes it possible to evacuate a whole pile of waste which would be toxic to the organism. In addition, the kidneys allow the maintenance of an adequate level of minerals such as potassium and sodium which, in too high quantities, can damage our organism.

The role of the kidneys being clarified, Here are the different signs of a damaged kidney.

Signs of kidney malfunction

Since the kidney is an organ with multiple roles, the signs of dysfunction can be quite diverse. Here are 5 that will help you better identify it with the National Kidney Foundation:

1. Extreme tiredness, lack of energy or trouble concentrating
A severe drop in kidney function can lead to an accumulation of toxins and waste products in the blood. It can quickly affect you physically: You feel weak, tired, lack energy and have trouble concentrating.

2. Sleep disturbances
Even though this symptom can come from a multitude of other sources, it is quite possible that a kidney failure could cause sleep disturbances. This is explained by the fact that toxins are not released by the urine. Sleep apnea is a fairly common disorder in people with chronic kidney disease.

3. Urine disorders
As explained to you earlier, the kidney makes urine by filtering the blood. If you have urges to urinate more often than usual and especially at night, it could mean that the filtering function of the kidneys is damaged. Also, if you notice blood in your urine, it should alarm you and prompt you to see a doctor immediately.

4. Shortness of breath
If an everyday effort and not intense causes shortness of breath which a priori has no explanations, it is possible that a renal disorder is at the origin as explained by the nephrology department of the Vaudois CHU. Anemia caused by kidney disease can cause this symptom.

5. Digestive problems
It is not uncommon that a malfunction of the renal organ can cause digestive disorders, namely nausea, diarrhea and gastrointestinal bleeding. If you cannot explain the origin of your ailments, it would be interesting to be interested in the track of a renal disease.