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8 Foods That Hardly Ever Expire

8 Foods That Hardly Ever Expire

To take care of your food, it is important to know the expiration date of the food. Here are 8 that hardly ever expire. If we have to watch our fresh produce because of its ability to spoil quickly, there is food that hardly ever expires. Did you know, for example, that honey was found in the tomb of a pharaoh after 3300 years? Indeed, there are foods that have an amazing shelf life! Once you've discovered them, you'll find what to buy for a low-maintenance kitchen! 

Nature is amazing because among the treasures it offers, we can find food that defies time. And for good reason, these last very long to the point where we can keep them for years. Let's review them:

Dark chocolate

1- Dark chocolate
This delicious magnesium-rich food is worth storing. These tablets support temperature changes. Only, the more you forget it in your closet, the more these squares lose their taste. Prefer dark chocolate because it keeps its flavor longer. This delight can stay alive for up to 2 years.


2- Rice
This starchy food is a food that persists over time, provided you keep it in a cool, dry place. Did you know that by taking jealous care you can keep it for up to 30 years? Note, however, that whole rice tends to expire faster. Be sure to smell it often to check for expiration. A reason to buy this food that promotes the feeling of satiety!


3- Salt
This essential of our kitchens is precious because they keep extremely long. This unstoppable source of minerals that flavor dishes is itself used to keep food longer! The mechanism ? This spice absorbs water which helps preserve food from food. Thus, bacteria do not proliferate and food deteriorates less. Salt therefore has no expiration date. A makeover for your shopping.


4- Honey
This sweet brown liquid that was used to mummify the pharaohs is a product that defies the laws of time. The reason: its water content is very low and the sugar it contains is a real shield against bacteria. It is also a food that has healing properties since it is a powerful healing. One reason to buy this treat more often.

Canned tuna

5- Canned tuna
Nothing better than canned tuna for sustainable food over time! Ideal for those who prefer not to cook and ration food. This canned oily fish can last up to 5 years. If it expires, the can looks swollen. This nourishing food is perfectly suited to accompany salads. The next time you go to supermarkets, you will now know what to buy in quantity.

Vegetable and seeds

6- Vegetable and seeds
Beans, beans, lentils, quinoa are all foods you can keep at your leisure. Their secret? Always the same reason, the scarcity of water and their hard consistency. As a result, these legumes and seeds neutralize the action of bacteria and molds by preventing humidity, despite a very long time.


7- Mustard
This delicious sauce with which to accompany fries is a commodity that can last in your cupboards and refrigerators for a few months. To know that it has reached its expiration date, inhale the pot, if the smell has changed, the mustard is good to throw away. If the package has not been opened, a jar of mustard can even keep for a few years.

Soy sauce

8- Soy sauce
Thanks to its sodium content and the fermentation which gives it a significant conservation power, the tasty black liquid to accompany spring rolls can be kept for several years if it is closed. An essential, therefore, to keep in your closet for fans of Chinese food. Once opened, the bottle must however be placed in the refrigerator but its shelf life can be up to 3 years, provided that the neck is cleaned regularly, which can promote the development of bacteria.