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How To Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

How To Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

There are important tips to do on a daily basis. Among them, some allow you to recognize your healthiest eggs. Delicious and consumed all over the world, chicken egg is an unstoppable mine of nutrients. Rich in amino acids and proteins, this food is nourishing and good for our health, but you still have to know how to judge which one is suitable to consume.

Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

We help you find out with these awesome tricks.
Many parameters allow you to know if an egg is good. Color, breeding, code are all factors to check the quality of this unparalleled source of protein. Here's how to choose the highest quality eggs possible.

Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

1- Choose the right color
Few people are aware of the link between the quality of the egg and its color. However, it is essential to carefully observe the latter by breaking it. If it is yellowish for example, it means that the hens were fed with inexpensive food. Conversely, dark orange means the best quality. Instead, choose an egg of this color for omelets with high nutritional benefits. But do not think you are getting away with it so well since there is another important criterion to take into account, that of the traceability code.

2- What is the traceability code?
The latter indicates the hen farming system. Code 0 corresponds to eggs from organic farms, where the hens are free and circulate in the open air. They are also fed organic foods. An ideal, ethical and ecological consumption method that it is preferable to adopt.

Code 1 corresponds to open-air farming where the hens are in a space of at least 2.5 square meters. The latter are not fed with food from organic farming but with other food that complies with the law.

Code 2, on the other hand, means that the hens do not have access to the outside and circulate on a square meter.

Finally, Code 3 is the label for hens raised in battery. They are enclosed in cages stacked on 6 floors with ventilation and forced light.

3- How do I know if my egg is good?

If you accidentally throw away the egg packaging, don't panic! This foolproof tip may well save you the day. And the latter is much simpler than it seems since, to do it you will need a teaspoon of salt and a container filled with a liter of water. Once these ingredients are combined, mix and put the egg in it. If it is found at the bottom, it means that it is fit for consumption.

Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

When the egg remains suspended with a rounded end up, it will have to be eaten very quickly.

Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

Conversely, if the egg floats, it means that it is spoiled and that we are in serious danger of compromising our health. You can throw your eggs with peace of mind now!

Recognize A Good Or Bad Egg

4- What are the properties of eggs?

To observe conclusive results on your health, we advise you to obtain eggs of biological origin.

Eggs, allies of your line
Rich in proteins, these foods trigger the feeling of satiety essential to resist the untimely cravings that weigh down our silhouette. Scientists attest to this: if we adopt a low-calorie diet coupled with the consumption of eggs from the first meal of the day, we are likely to see weight loss. A convincing argument for eating omelets more often at breakfast.

Eggs to boost memory
Before an exam, did you think about eggs? These protein sources contain acetylcholine, a memory-related chemical messenger. Synthesized using choline, these foods participate in the production of signaling molecules in the brain.

Eggs, friends of your muscles
You will understand better why these foods are allies of athletes. A single egg provides no less than 6 grams of protein but is also rich in essential amino acids. Result: muscle building is favored and that's why bodybuilding aficionados often eat a raw egg for breakfast! Reason enough to include them more often in a balanced diet.

Eggs, for your beauty
What if we combine business with pleasure by taking care of our beauty through our diet? You have a ready-made solution since eggs are rich in vitamin B essential for the health of our skin, hair and nails.