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Orchids: 3 Simple and Effective Tips to Revive Them

Orchids: 3 Simple and Effective Tips to Revive Them

These tips should delight those with a green thumb. Revive your orchids with these 3 simple and effective tips for your home. How about you tell her with flowers? Sublime and colorful, orchids are the perfect flowers for the occasion. These beautiful plants have a very strong symbolism since they represent strength, beauty, love and luxury. Only, these can wilt quickly and it is important to take good care of them. But do not be sad if they fade since there are 3 simple and effective tips to revive them quickly. What give a touch of life to your interior.

 Revive Your Orchids

It is therapeutic to have beautiful flowers at home. Seeing them flourish in a pretty vase colors your daily life and orchids emit a subtle and delicate fragrance in your home. If, unfortunately, they wilt, there are radical tricks to give them a second life. Find out how to protect them and let them hatch beautifully.

A sublime flower
It is one of the plants most in demand at the florist because it emanates a perfume that has long inspired the creators of bottles. This fragile flower with beautiful colors is pleasant to have at home and conveys an image of beauty and strength. Historical anecdote: In Ancient Greece, women were convinced that if the father of their unborn child ate large and new tubers, the latter would be a boy. Conversely, if the mother eats babies, she would expect a daughter.

This plant also offers their fourteenth wedding anniversary. A flower therefore, with multiple symbols which still has a bright future ahead of it. Only, it remains fragile and requires precise care to keep it alive. Generating new shoots and making it bloom continuously is an arduous challenge that 3 simple and effective tips can help to overcome.

How to give a second life to your orchids?

Feed them! Many of us forget to water our plants. However, the latter need much more water than we think. Renew the water in your vase every two days and give your beautiful orchids liquid fertilizers every 15 days.

Get rich in phosphorus and potassium from your nurseryman. When these flowers are flowering, stop feeding them and decrease the frequency of hydration. A rupture that allows us to witness the hatching of new shoots.

How is the light!
If flowers need water to live, the sun is also vital for all plants. The fall sun is ideal for these wonders because the rays are soft and transmit energy to make the plant bloom. So choose this season to invite him over and you can even take them out.

Create a thermal shock
Thermal shock consists in exposing the orchids to two different climates, hot and cold. Unlike other flowers, the latter does not make them wilt but rather helps them to flourish well. This will also contribute to the growth of new stems. When it's 15 degrees, you can take out your vase all day.

In the evening, bring them in and repeat this gesture for 15 days. Only, it is important to take care not to expose these sublime plants to heat, including heating. If however the temperature of your house exceeds 20 ° C, put them in cool places. Basic gestures to keep these plants as long as possible at home.

A piece of happiness at home
If the virtues of gardening are established from a psychological point of view, having flowers inside is also a way to take care of yourself. Beauty is important for feeling good at home and it also allows us to express our creativity with floral arrangements that you can adapt to your tastes.

Each flower has a symbolism.
The rose, for example, translates love and passion. Hydrangea can mean gratitude and gratitude. The iris, on the other hand, carries a sense of wisdom, courage and hope. Offering and receiving flowers is also a relational act that builds strong ties between those who exchange them. Did you know that peonies, for example, could connote romance or regret? Ambivalences that you can translate with these wonders of nature that never cease to captivate us.