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Don’t Throw Out “Ruined” Old Tights In The Trash: 8 Ingenious Ways To Reuse Them

Don’t Throw Out “Ruined” Old Tights In The Trash: 8 Ingenious Ways To Reuse Them

The followers of the D system will not give up. Someone who takes care of their house knows how to give new life to their old objects. Only, it is not resourceful who wants. There are many sites that advocate Do it Yourself, also called DIY. This time we suggest that you revive your old tights to make beautiful things. Bracelets, decorative flowers, clothesline are all reincarnations that you can offer to these worn clothes and much more. Here are some useful tutorials to know.

Throw Out “Ruined” Old Tights In The Trash

Spun, discolored, damaged, tights are very difficult to keep! But this is far from inevitable since we can transform them very quickly. It's up to you to be creative to have new decorative or very useful objects. You don't have to pull your hair out because you can give these fast-deteriorating textiles a new chance. Have you thought about System D?

Small bolsters for your armchairs

1- Small bolsters for your armchairs
How about giving your old tights a second life by transforming them into original bolsters? It could not be easier. First, you will have to choose these nylon textiles because they are thicker. Then cut the legs and fill them with fabrics and cotton to stuff them well. For the final touch, tie the ends tightly and cut the rest. If you are in a creative mood, you can draw pretty patterns on fabric felt. This cushion will nicely decorate your living room or even your bedroom!

2- Beautiful accessories
If you want to wear jewelry that nobody can copy, use these old clothes! Nothing could be simpler to make them and the task could not be faster. Cut strips of a centimeter thick and tie them in pretty braids. You can use colored beads, bronze wire or whatever you like. Your audacity is your only limit. Your friends will certainly ask you where you got this wonder that you can transform into a necklace or bracelet.

artificial flowers

3- Artificial flowers
Do you find your apartment a little sad? Add some life without going to the florist. This dream is now at hand and that, simply with your old tights. To do this, arm yourself with copper wires of different length and thickness: one for the stem, the other for the petals. You can roll these textiles over and voila. Another tip: Create knots of gift packages for a shock effect for your friends!

Bags for delicate laundry

4- Bags for delicate laundry
With this tip, you will be visiting your laundry less! So, we give it to you right away without further ado. Cut them at the ankle to make protective bags for your delicate laundry before placing them in your washing machine. Who would have believed it ? Old clothes can protect new ones that you don't want to spoil by overly aggressive washing. Another argument not to throw anything away, and especially not your old tights!

5- To protect your food
Again, this is an amazing use that we offer these old tights! These can prevent your food from spoiling quickly. The reason: they protect your fresh produce from flies, worms and parasites. Surprising, isn't it?

A new sponge

6- A new sponge
What could be more economical than recycling this used lingerie? You will no longer shop in the same way. For this essential item for your dishes, you will only need an old grated soap to place it in a small square of sticky that you will have carefully cut. This is what you need to wash your plates in the most efficient way possible. You can also use this process as a washcloth. You see, these old tights will definitely not stop impressing you!

Keep your plants

7- Keep your plants
Your yarn stockings can be useful for you to have a green thumb! If you notice that some stems on your plants tend to fall, don't panic. Just tie them with a strip that you cut from your tights. It’s a devilishly effective habit for preventing these plants from falling! Another inexpensive trick that these textiles that we have given a second life allow us to do.

Stuff the puppets

8- Stuff the puppets
Kids will love this tip! And for good reason, the latter will liven up their afternoons. You can stuff their pretty puppets but also their stuffed animals with nylon stockings. Here you have transformed sad puppets into characters full of life. Incredible, right?