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10 Tricks To Get Rid Of Houseflies In Your Home

10 Tricks To Get Rid Of Houseflies In Your Home

Getting rid of insects, especially flies, remains a difficult task. Here are some tips that will help you keep houseflies away for your home. Disturbing and annoying, flies are invading your homes against your will. Getting rid of them then becomes a difficult task. Their invasion is even greater in hot weather, especially in summer. If you have tried products such as sprays, diffusers or repellents of any kind, know that there are great tips - just as effective but gentle and natural without chemicals harmful to your health.

Get Rid Of Houseflies In Your Home

Attracted to places where bacteria thrive, flies carry millions of germs on their tiny bodies. They just need to land on your food or your countertop to contaminate them. This is why it is essential to keep them away from your interior, thanks to the tips that we reveal to you below.

How to Keep Away Flies Safely and Naturally

-  Essential oils

Known for their insect repellent action, certain essential oils can act as a repellant against houseflies. This is particularly the case with peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus or geranium. To do this, just pour a few drops of these oils into your diffuser. If you don't have one, you can pour some essential oil into a bowl and place it near the windows. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil with hot water and spray your interior. And now you are rid of these disturbing insects.

-  The Basilic

As much as the smell of basil may be pleasant to us, it will also be unpleasant to flies and insects. Place potted basil around the edges of windows and doors and let the plant do the work for you. It will act as an effective insect repellant.

- Lemon geranium

Lemon Geranium repels houseflies with its preeminent scent, especially when placed on window sills. In addition to its aesthetic side to decorate your balconies, it will act as a repellent against insects of all kinds.

- Pennyroyal mint

Like geranium, pennyroyal will repel houseflies, but also fleas, mosquitoes and ants. This plant, poisonous to humans, should not be consumed but will permanently rid you of the intrusive presence of flies.

-  Baking soda

Easy to prepare and odorless, baking soda seems to be the fastest way to get rid of flies. To do this, simply mix a tablespoon of this ingredient in 3 cups of hot water, and spray the liquid on the windows and doors. Immediate action against flies that will no longer roam around your house.

- Cloves

Fearsome against insects, cloves have often been recommended by our grandmothers to overcome insects. You just have to cut an onion, a lemon and an orange in half, and prick cloves in each half, on the side of the flesh. Put them on window sills and other places you think are strategic. Repeat the same operation every day for more efficiency.

- White vinegar

Who does not know the virtues of white vinegar and its different domestic uses. Here again, it beats all records for repelling flies, unlike apple cider vinegar which attracts them. By spraying it with eucalyptus oil on windowsills or placing it inside the house in cups, its action will be effective and radical thanks to its strong odor.

- Garlic

As well-known for its strong odor as white vinegar, garlic is also an outstanding repellant. To do this, prepare a decoction by roughly chopping 5 cloves of garlic and boiling them in 2.5 liters of water. Once the liquid has cooled, strain it and spray it on the windowsills and doors.

Other amazing tips

It is important to note that a clean home is the best way to protect yourself from flies, knowing that flies are attracted to all decaying organic matter and foods containing sugar. De facto, cleanliness must be impeccable and food must be kept safe.

Plastic water bag

Another trick known to our grandmothers is to hang a transparent plastic bag filled with water on the edge of the window high up. This method, as unusual as it is, seems to work. And for good reason, the flies perceive the bag as a spider's web because of the structure of their eyes and therefore obviously avoid it. Then the reflections of light from the bag can create an optical illusion for the flies that automatically wander away.