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How To Bleach Yellowed Shoes With Baking Soda

How To Bleach Yellowed Shoes With Baking Soda

Do not throw away your white shoes that have become dirty with time. You can give them a second life and whiten them with simple and natural solutions. There is a reason why there is a real craze around white sneakers. They look great on both men and women and go perfectly with all types of clothing. The only downside is that they turn yellow quite quickly and then become unsightly. You only need to wear them for a few weeks to realize this. But never mind, there are natural ways to turn the tide.

Bleach Yellowed Shoes With Baking Soda

Although it is difficult to clean them under normal circumstances, there are a variety of homemade solutions. Thanks to the natural tricks identified by our colleagues at L’express, you will finally be able to bring them out and give them a new shine. So no more chemicals, so toxic to your health.

The trick for white canvas shoes

As you walk or go out in general, it is not uncommon for traces of earth to settle on your shoes. But still, a simple little stain can be glaring on white sneakers.

These types of stains have had time to nestle in your shoes, and you have resigned yourself to leaving them as they are. But the following solution based on baking soda will give them a second life.

The ingredients to whiten your yellowed shoes and make them look new:

- Baking soda

-  A brush

-  Hot water

Note: If you don't have baking soda, opt for white toothpaste (ignore other colors) or white vinegar.

The cleaning steps:

- Take your brush, which you will have previously soaked in hot water.

- Apply baking soda to the wet brush

- Polish the dirty areas of your shoes

- Rinse your fabric shoes before drying them in a dry place. Make sure that your shoes are not exposed to direct sunlight in order to protect them from possible discoloration.

Regarding the use of white toothpaste or white vinegar, just follow the same steps by replacing the baking soda with these ingredients.

How To Bleach Yellowed Shoes With Baking Soda

The trick for white leather sneakers

Leather sneakers are particularly beautiful to look at thanks to their texture. In fact, we all want to preserve this shiny and flashy appearance for as long as possible.

So the following two solutions will allow you to prolong the pleasure of putting them on:

Solution 1

You will need waterproofing. And the ideal is to be able to apply the spray directly after purchasing your sneakers. It also requires a certain regularity of maintenance at the rate of twice a month.

The reason waterproofing sprays are effective is that they protect sneakers from the rain for example.

Solution 2

But in case your sneakers have made their way, cleansing milk is your friend:

What you need

- Cleansing milk

- A piece of cotton

- Optional: A small amount of 90 ° alcohol

The cleaning steps

- Take your cotton pad and apply the cleansing milk

- Rub the surface of the shoes to remove the less resistant stains

- You can use your alcohol at 90 ° on the most resistant stains as long as you do not use a lot.

The trick to getting rid of yellowish spots

When you have white shoes, it is inevitable that you will notice yellow streaks later. They are most often stored on the soles as well as on the end of sneakers.

This tip highlights white vinegar and toothpaste which will be your allies for whiteness.

What you will need

-  A toothbrush

-  White vinegar

-  Toothpaste

The cleaning steps

- Apply your white vinegar to the toothbrush that you have previously moistened.

- Add toothpaste and try to mix it with vinegar

- Rub hard enough to achieve a satisfactory result