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Alcohol Detox: The Initial Step In Treating Alcohol Use Disorder (Aud)

Alcohol Detox: The Initial Step In Treating Alcohol Use Disorder (Aud)

 Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a physical and mental dependence on alcohol.

This chronic disorder can include many symptoms, such as an emotional need for using alcohol, although continuous usage has turned out to be problematic. AUD symptoms can also comprise enormous periods of withdrawal once you stop drinking alcohol. Some people are anxious to quit drinking due to rigid withdrawal symptoms; however, alcohol detox is the very first step in curing alcoholism.

Alcohol Detox Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

The significance of Alcohol Detox

The alcohol detox program helps in treating Alcohol use disorder by thoroughly flushing it out from your body. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms typically subside within 1-2 weeks (approximately) after commencing the detox program. Moreover, this could also take longer, basically dependent on the AUD severity. Right from there, you will begin focusing on many other aspects of the recovery process, such as therapies, different activities, support options, and counseling sessions.

How do rehabs help in treating alcohol use disorder?

There’s generally no cure for AUD. The journey to recovery from AUD is quite long that includes multiple therapies, treatments, and detox programs.

If you have really set up your mind to get AUD treatment, make an appointment with the best doctor in rehabs in Austin, TX. They’ll possibly ask you a series of questions to determine the seriousness of your alcohol dependency. These question-answer series can also help doctors determine the best treatment/therapy/rehab solution for curing Alcohol use disorder.

Your therapist or doctor may recommend one or more medical detox programs. It can be any of the following treatment options: 

   1. Go to Detox

This is a primary step if you have a severe drinking problem. Detox from alcohol isn’t a complete treatment by itself.

The main goal is to pause drinking and give your body a proper time to flush the alcohol out of your body system. The whole detoxification program typically takes a few days to weeks (2,3).
  • Most people visit treatment centers or hospitals because of different withdrawal symptoms like Seizures.
  • Shaking.
  • Hallucinations or Seeing.
Doctors and other medical experts from the detox treatment center can keep an eye check on you and help you by giving medicine to treat your symptoms.

Alcohol detoxification can be mainly done in two ways:

Outpatient: You visit your rehab health provider or doctor in a detox center, Austin, Tx for treatment. Outpatient rehab can be a good and safe option if your condition is mild to moderate.

Inpatient:  This option is perfect if you are using alcohol heavily. In this detox program, the patient has to stay full-time in a hospital, clinic, or detox center. You’ll get proper 24*7 help during your alcohol withdrawal.

   2. Therapy and behavioral modification 

Your detox doctor may refer to group counseling or one-on-one therapy.

Advantages of therapy

Detoxification with a therapist can help determine your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Moreover, it can also help in finding the root cause of your AUD. Some other advantages of therapy may include:
  • Practicing self-awareness.
  • Expressing yourself without any judgment fear.
  • developing coping strategies for your self-dependency.
  • learning to create healthier & proper behaviors to help curb alcohol dependency.
   3. See a therapist or counselor.

During or after your alcohol rehab, seeing a counselor or therapist can help you learn new strategies and skills to help you stay away from alcohol for the long term. Social workers, doctors, psychologists, and counselors can teach you how to:
  • set crucial goals and reach them.
  • build a strong support network.
  • Deal with anxiety, stress, and other triggers.
  • Change the behaviors that mainly make you want to drink.
If you’re all set to get your everyday life back, the detox medical staff at Briarwood detox, Austin, Texas, can help. Call to get started.