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 6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Massage Your Breast

Most women spend time maintaining their beauty through routine make-up and morning care until the make-up and creams of the evening. Yet a daily gesture is full of benefits and should be included in their beauty routine is breast massage!

A study, conducted by the Institute of Functional Medicine in Texas, says that breast massage can reduce breast cancer and has positive effects on women's health. Discover the 6 incredible benefits of breast massage!

The 6 Benefits of Breast Massage

1- Reduce the risk of fibroids, cysts and cancer

Performing a daily breast massage helps increase the circulation of the lymph. The latter contains cells that fight infections and remove toxins, cell debris and excess fluids; Which is useful in the prevention and treatment of cancer. In addition, fibroids, cysts and breast cancer are detectable early if one pays attention to one's chest, which is the case with a daily breast massage.

2- Increase breast size

Mainly influenced by hormones, the volume and size of the breast can be increased with this massage. Indeed, it stimulates the body to produce more hormones in the specific area of the breasts. Associated with certain plants such as fenugreek, burdock or fennel, this massage will help you to increase your bonnet and have a more generous breast!

3- Prevent Breast Release

In addition to increasing the volume of your breasts, breast massage prevents their relaxation. Indeed, the breasts do not contain muscles because they are mainly adipose tissue. This is why breast massage tightens the tissues and prevents the relaxation of the breast which provides firmness to your breasts.

4- Relieve breast pain

The breast is particularly painful during the menstrual period. A simple breast massage can reduce breast tension by stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation. Add a few drops of soothing essential oil like chamomile to your massage oil also helps relieve the pain.

5- Reduce Scars

For women who have undergone breast surgery, breast massage is recommended. Indeed, lymphatic drainage in this area promotes healthy healing and reduces post-surgical discomfort. Some essential oils also have healing properties like argan oil or macadamia oil.

6- Preventing skin aging

To make the skin of your breast smooth and well moisturized, make sure to massage your breasts regularly. Indeed, the increased circulation in the mammary tissue promotes the regeneration of the cells and prevents the aging of the skin. In addition, the use of natural massage oil helps moisturize this area of your body deeply.

How to make a breast massage?

First, you will need sweet almond oil or coconut oil, beneficial to skin care and moisturizing. This will help achieve smooth movements and massage.

Perform circular movements using your left hand for your left breast and your right hand for your right breast. Repeat the operation several times. The circular gesture should last a few seconds. This technique is to be performed twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

Be especially sensitive as this area is very sensitive. Also, be sure to have warm hands to increase circulation and optimize the benefits of massage. Some recommendations also make it possible to have a healthy breast such as:
  • Keeping a Healthy Weight
  • Practicing regular physical activity
  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco
  • Know your family background
  • Perform regular checkups
  • Hydrate properly
  • Wear a bra adapted to her breast
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach and prefer a position on your back