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Have a goal for  the Business

Have a goal for the Business

Have a goal for  the Business

One key to small-business success is having a goal and a vision of how to achieve that goal . Before beginning a new venture, the entrepreneur should be able to visualize what you will look like, at least in general once it is in operation.

 The clearer the vision the better, because knowing where you re headed is neccessary to getting there. The probability of success is greater when a clear road is taken to a specific destination . Using just any road will not work, for as it has been said, "if you do not Know where you re going, any rood will take you there."

Successful entrepreneurs seem to know what products or services customers want and how to provide them with these products or services . They are market driven and coniinually adjust to customer feedback, which allows them to see the big picture and not be bogged down by the load of daily tasks.

Successful entrepreneurs case the time before they begin an operation to study, investigate. and plan until they have developed a clear and workable vision of where they want to go and how to get there Successful entrepreneurs also have a "burning desire” to reach their goal