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How To keep fitness exercise on a budget during Bad Economy

How To keep fitness exercise on a budget during Bad Economy

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In light of the economic upheaval, we offer you some tips and suggestions for exercising and living a healthy lifestyle during difficult financial times. There are several ways to cut costs without giving up weight loss or weight management goals. Read more about these inexpensive ways to get regular exercise.

When times get hard and money gets scarce, the first things to get cut from the monthly budget are things that seem like luxuries—after all you need somewhere to live, something to eat, and a way to get to get around or life is going to fall apart quickly.

The first item on the chopping block for many people may be their gym membership. While a gym membership may not be a necessity of life, having no way to exercise can be a serious detriment your weight loss plans. With a little creativity you can have your cake and eat it too.

Here are some options for exercising without a gym membership, and some tips for developing a low-budget plan for staying in shape.

Take it Outside If you live in a region that is still enjoying fairly nice weather, you can take your workout outdoors. You might have public parks at your disposal, or you may have community groups like running clubs or sports groups. Even if you have none of these things there are still ways you can exercise without going to the gym.

Get Running. Going for a run or taking a walk are inexpensive ways to include exercise in your day. Be sure to follow all the necessary safety precautions and to use proper equipment. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then make exercise a social occasion by walking with a friend or family member.

Find Public Access Areas. Local community college or public parks might have basketball courts, pools, a track, or tennis courts available for use. Your tax money funds these facilities—you may as well use them.

Find Inexpensive Home Exercise Equipment. A jump rope, a set of hand weights, or the old bike in your garage can be cheap ways to exercise. Consider incorporating those items into your new routine. Any of these can be used in your neighborhood or your own backyard. If you enjoy exercise videos, check your DVD cabinet or borrow a new video from a neighbor or friend.

These options will fit both your budget as well as your weight loss program. Don’t let economic turmoil put an end to your workouts, just use these tips to jump start your ideas for inexpensive exercise options.