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How to lose weight in a week for teenagers

How to lose weight in a week for teenagers

lose weight in a week for teenagers

Obesity is big problem for teenagers. In this article, I want discuss about how to lose weight in a week for teenagers. Get weight loss is hard to do for teens, because teens not always have discipline and determination to achieve goals in diet program. Extra weight gain usually come in puberty phase, this is actually normal for teens, but it will become problem, if you can’t control food and lazy in workout. Important part to solve obesity problem for teenagers is commitment to change bad habit.

Healthy habit you must to do for over weight problem:

Avoid meal contain high calories. If you have habit like snacking, you must stop right now. Snack, junk food, soda contain high calories and high sugar. This is not good and make your effort to success in diet program will be fail. Change your habit, eat healthy food contain low calories and high protein like fruits and vegetables.

Focus when you eat. Focus on meal. Other activities such as talking, watching television can make your meal much bigger without you knowing it.

Split your meal in small portions. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get a full signal from your food. By dividing the food into small pieces will help you feel full faster.

Brush your teeth after eat. It is useful to prevent you from the temptation to eat again. Using mouthwash is also useful to prevent the desire to eat more.

Eating In slowly Eat slowly will make you enjoy the food more convenient. Also, by eating slowly, the brain will provide full signal quicker.

Do not Forget Breakfast when you wake up in the morning. Body needs adequate nutrition as energy. Breakfast is also useful to prevent you from overeating during the day.

Diligent exercise and do regularly Exercise regularly to burn excess fat in the body, so it can help you lose weight.

Success in diet program for teenagers is not easy to do. You must patient and have hard work also commitment. I hope my article can help about what habit you must to do and how to lose weight in a week for teenagers. Read another articles and tips for success diet program.