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What to Name a Company

What to Name a Company

Name a Company

In deciding to open my own business and become my own boss, able to work when and where I chose to work, I spent great time and effort on my company name.  I knew that my company name should also be the same as my domain name, otherwise it may be difficult for potential customers to find my website and become permanent or regular customers.  I tested out potential names on my friends over dinner and wine at my house or whenever I was out and about having drinks with coworkers.  I cycled through several different options, constantly gauging the response that I got from everyone.  I used this type of response from all of these different social setting and came up with a solid list of three names that I wanted.

I then took these names to my website development company and used them to help me choose the final name that I would use.  After the name was solidified and the domain name purchased, the consultants began asking me questions about how I wanted the website to look and feel and work for the customer.  This was something that I had not considered or spent any time thinking about.  I had no idea that I would need to understand how the financial system worked, or how the tabs, marketplace, and dashboard functioned.  I still had too much work to do on the entire concept, choosing the name was just the beginning. Had I known that the work I put into choosing the name was just the beginning, I may have stopped before I started.