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A Diet Fitness Journal Helps Maximize Results

A Diet Fitness Journal Helps Maximize Results

Diet Fitness Journal

You may wonder what a Diet Fitness Journal is. Well it's my way of saying a daily fitness and nutrition journal. Basically it speaks for itself. You write your eating habits and workout routine in the Diet Fitness Journal.
It's very simple, yet can help you out a lot.
What Can It Do For Me?
Writing down what you eat and your workout routine can help you in many different ways :
- It can provide the motivation you need
- It can help track your results easily
- It can tell you if and what you are doing wrong
- It can tell you if you’re doing things right
There are several other reasons too. It is great for even experienced weight lifters and body builders to do.
All you need is one or two notebooks and a pencil. Make a list of what you’re eating and your exercise routine. You will notice it becomes very handy and can help you maximize your workout.

The Diet Journal

The diet part in your daily fitness and nutrition journal should be detailed. Include everything you eat and at what time you ate it. You should also include what you drink as well.
Make it organized too. You want to be able to find the information very quickly to find out if you’re doing it right.
An example would be:
Breakfast: 8:30 am - Two hardboiled eggs - 2 Slices of whole wheat toast - Bowl of oatmeal - 1 glass of orange juice
Snack 1: 11:25 am - 1 granola bar - 1 glass of water
Lunch: 1:30 pm - Salad with romaine lettuce and olive oil - 1 glass of water - 1 glass of apple juice
Snack 2: 3:00 pm - Grilled chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat bun - 1 glass of water
Dinner: 7:15 pm - Whole grain pasta with pesto sauce (1 plate full) - 2 Dinner rolls - 1 glass of milk - 1 glass of water
This is a perfect example of what your diet part of your diet and fitness journal should look like. If you have it like this you can easily find what and when you ate something.
You don't have to do it like this. Do it the way you want to. After all, it's meant to only be read by you.

The Fitness Journal

The fitness journal should consist of the individual breakdown of each day. It should include what machine or exercise you are doing, the weight, and even the seat setting on the machine.
It should be very precise. You should have it neatly organized.
An example would be:
  • Monday:
Abs     : Sit-ups - 3 sets of 25 each - #3 on bench Curl-ups - 3 sets of 30 each - #1 on bench
Biceps: Bicep curl - 3 sets 12,10,8 reps - 30 weight
Tuesday: Cardio: Treadmill - 60 minutes - 3.5 speed 2.5 incline 4 min - 7.0 speed 2.5 incline 1 min after - repeat
You would go through every day. This enables you to know when its time to step it up to a different weight or different speed.
It is very useful and many people don't hesitate to bring their fitness notebook with them at the gym and record it every time they finish an exercise. In fact, it really helps you memorize your routine faster and you don't have to worry about forgetting what setting you had a particular machine on the last time.

Diet Fitness Journal Overview

Your Diet Fitness Journal should help you in many ways. I recommend if you want to achieve maximum results you make your own Diet Fitness Journal.
After all, your body will react differently than another's when doing the same workout routine, so it helps you find out the perfect workout routine to maximize the results you want in the least amount of time.