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Are you astrologically compatible with your partner?

Are you astrologically compatible with your partner?


Have you ever wondered if you were astrologically compatible with your spouse? Indeed, the planets can tell a lot about your relationship ... Discover what star sign you fit better!
Astrology is a science that aims to study the influence of the stars on the personality. According to experts, the stars can determine your personality, your relationships with others and your daily emotional. Each Zodiac signs expresses a unique energy that defines you.
To have a clearer idea on astrological compatibility, we must first know that the Zodiac signs are divided into four elements:
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
The astrological combinations
Fire and Fire
This combination is probably one of the most explosive because both people are dynamic, energetic, ambitious and courageous. Together, they can achieve great things and achieve their goals. The relationship of these two is intense and passionate.
Fire and Earth
The mixture of these two elements remains one of the most problematic. This relationship is like a volcano, it will be sustainable but overwhelming. That said, both are capable of achieving great things together, provided that they get along ...
Fire and Air
Curious, energetic and powerful would be the words to describe the mixture of the two. The air signs will calm the fire sign and help him regain his composure, while the fire will give vitality to the sign in the air. These two elements are complementary.
Fire and Water
Both of these have the best chance of forming a pair of soul mates. Despite their differences, attraction is a key for them. However, these two people should make great efforts to stay on the same wavelength.
The Earth and the Earth
Two people of the same element can form a too serious couple. Indeed, they appreciate the stability and security, but they leave little room for spontaneity. Thus efforts should be made in this direction.

Earth and Air

The combination of these elements requires a lot of effort. Indeed, one will have his head in the clouds while the other will handle the down to earth.
The Earth and Water
Water is one that suits the most to the earth element, the couple can work wonders, they will always be there for each other. The confident and stability of the earth will calm the fear and sensitivity of water.
Air and Air
These two elements will get along wonderfully and will enjoy every moment. The balance will overwhelm in this relationship which is based on communication and trust.
The Air and Water
The relationship between the two signs of these elements will be stable. However, this will require a lot of efforts to agree because they need to know to manage their conflicts and differences.
Water and Water
There is little chance that two people of the same sign manage to complete. This relationship is cold and distant as the water signs are quite sensitive and have difficulty expressing their feelings.
The limits of astrological compatibility
The fact that you have both the same sign. Does it really change much? A Manchester University team of scientists conducted a study in 2007 to test the astrological compatibility and its effect on the love life of couples. Thus they studied the birth dates of about 10 million couples in England to see if the compatibility of their signs played a role. 
They found that about 41% of couples had selected close birth dates or the same astrological sign, and got along wonderfully. However, do not judge too quickly your spouse according to his astrological sign ... Give him a chance!