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Lose weight in a week with stress management

Lose weight in a week with stress management

Lose weight week stress management

Stress management is important key to get success in diet program. Believe it or not? Lose weight in a week with stress management is vital for who want to success in diet program. 

Stress is a physical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation. Stress can bring bad effect for your body and health. Stress also one of many factors for heart attack and stroke.

Why you must avoid stress for get success in weight loss program.

If you got stress, it will be automatically release to much cortisol hormone in your body. It will be effect with your blood pressure. This is more detail about effect of stress can make bad result in diet program:
1- Stress can be trigger of emotional. Increase level of cortisol will be make you want eat more. This make your diet plan failed 2- Stress also make fat in your body. 

To much fat will increase risk of heart attack and stroke 3- High level cortisol can cut and slow down metabolism process. It will reduce calories burn and automatically will make your weight gain 4- Long period of stress can affect levels of blood sugar. If this happen in long period will make diabetes.

After you understand about how stress can make big impact in your diet program also bad for your health, you must consider about how to reduce and manage stress. This is few tips about how to control and reduce stress

Exercise on daily base and regularly With daily exercise and more regularly can burn more calories and make you stay fit

Control your food Control about meal and food is important to reduce stress. Choose food contain high carbohydrate. With carbohydrate can make brain produce serotonin,

Have enough time to sleep Enough sleep with quality sleep can make good metabolism process.
After you read this article, you must understand about how stress is really bring bad effect to your health and your diet program. Start to follow our tips for get success lose weight in a week with stress management.