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A Natural Trick That Reduces Deep Wrinkles

A Natural Trick That Reduces Deep Wrinkles

A natural remedy to reduce deep wrinkles becomes a must because while growing up, our skin loses elasticity and flexibility, thus promoting the appearance of wrinkles, which can manifest as small fine lines or deeper furrows. To get rid of these marks, so-called old age, women generally use creams and other cosmetic products sold in the market, full of harmful chemicals. To afford your face its youth and radiance, here is a simple trick to try acupressure technique!

A Natural Trick That Reduces Deep Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the signs of skin aging. Appearing at an age more or less early, they are the enemy of women that make it look older than they actually are. Besides age, they are caused by several other factors:

A poor diet
A diet high in fat and sugar increases the amount of toxins and free radicals that circulate in our body, and promote the aging of our cells.

Prolonged and unprotected sun

By exposing your skin to the direct rays of the sun without protection, you slow down the production of elastin that gives skin its flexibility and you contribute to the weakening of skin cells.

Bad habits
Lack of sleep, smoking, stress and lack of physical activity are all factors that contribute to the deterioration of the skin and the appearance of several skin problems such as dark circles, imperfections , premature aging, sagging and wrinkles.

A lack of hydration
Dehydration is a major cause of wrinkles. By not drinking enough water or using aggressive and draining cosmetics, skin has a protective hydrolipidic film, which ensures elasticity and flexibility. Thus, wrinkles become more pronounced and more difficult to remove.

To help reduce wrinkles from your face and around your mouth, here are some acupressure points to stimulate.

The benefits of acupressure

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese practice of stimulating specific meridian points to enhance energy flow and relieve many physical and psychological ailments. By exerting a little pressure or by making slight movements, you unlock the energy channels and you supercharge the operation of the corresponding body part.

Acupressure points to stimulate so as to reduce wrinkles:

1. Smile lines
The smile lines are the lines, which start from the nose to the corners of the mouth. In the midst of this, there is a small hollow. This is the point to be stimulated. So place your index finger on that little hollow on each side of your mouth, then do light circular movements in the direction of clockwise. Continue your massage for 1 minute to soften the wrinkles and firm the lower face and the lower skin of the cheeks.

2. The center of the philtrum
You can also stimulate the other acupressure point called Energy. On the middle of the groove between your nose and upper lip, apply pressure with your finger until you feel the bone beneath the skin. Massage it gently in the direction of clockwise, for 1 minute per day. The stimulation of this point increases circulation and improves the energy flow throughout the face, and enhancing cell renewal.

If your wrinkles are very marked, you can perform these massages 2 times a day. After a month, you will get amazing results that will astonish your surroundings!