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Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go

Everything about Pokemon Go. the phenomenon game that overwhelmed the world. Within days, a tidal wave descended on the Web and in the streets of cities in North America, Australia and New Zealand: Pokemon Go, playful application to hunt virtual creatures hidden in the real world, exceeded the attendance of social networks like Tinder and Whatsapp. Why such a success ? Explanations.
What is "Pokemon Go"?
A video game for smartphones using geolocation and augmented reality. Specifically, the phone screen displays a street map and surroundings enriched with small virtual critters to capture, the famous Pokémon.
How Pokemon Go works ?
The player is a trainer he has chosen the genre and look, and moves really walking in a transcribed decor as an interactive map on their phone screen.
The player gains levels by capturing Pokemon, hidden in real places, sending them with the touch screen, a "pokeball" a magic ball which acting as pocket monsters in fishing net.
From level 5, it becomes possible to share the adventure: the creatures are in the same place for everyone, inviting different players to explore the same places, to talk together.

Who is behind Pokemon Go?

The game is the result of cooperation between the Pokemon Company, which owns and manages the rights to use the famous pocket creatures, Niantic, a start-up created in 2010, within Google.
Since the summer of 2015 and the reorganization of Google in a parent alphabet, Niantic gained independence, and Nintendo gained its capital. Specializing in original playful uses of real-time mapping, inter alia, it gave life to Ingress, a fully integrated set in the real world, very popular, and which Pokemon Go uses the same technology.

Why is so much about Pokemon Go?

In countries where it is available, Pokemon Go has rapidly risen among the most popular applications. According to SensorTower firm, Pokemon Go was already installed 7.5 million times in the US and generates $ 1.6 million in revenue a day on iOS. This was followed by a long list of funny situations, as spontaneous groupings - and absurd, for who does not play the game - in parks or churches ...
"Pokemon Go" collect the data unbeknownst to the user?
Users of iOS game, which team Apple devices, may choose to create an account on the game with their Google account. In this case, the game automatically accesses the Google Account of the player.
If, at first, some experts feared that the game can send emails instead of the user, the application can actually have access only biographical data that the user has indicated in his account (name , birth date…). Game developers have provided work to correct this bug.
Can I already download Pokemon Go?
Only if you use an iPhone or an Android smartphone with a US account, or a code to download the TestFlight application (usually reserved for developers and media). Pokemon Go is not yet available to the general public in Europe.
Following a widespread practice in the mobile industry, Niantic, the US company that designed the game was first launched on test areas, such as New Zealand and Australia, before expanding to United States on 6 July.
It is possible to resort to tricks to get the app if you are in Europe, including through third-party sites to bypass the default application store. Be careful with clones: a company specializing in cybersecurity has found that Android app claiming to be "Pokemon Go" actually contained a virus to take full control of the user's device.
The Pokemon Go game is not yet released in Europe and yet it is already there! It makes sense together, but both eyes on the smartphone screen. Rule ? Capturing Pokemon worldwide through virtual reality but augmented!
Ranked within days to the top free apps to download Pokemon Go out on July 6 in the US has almost as many users as active twitter. A social phenomenon was born who did take 10% value to the actions of Nintendo in one night. This brings Nintendo's market value to $ 23 billion in total, its highest level in over two months.
But what is this game?
First of all it is played on iPhone and Android phones good standard because it uses all the functions: GPS, camera, gyroscope, Google maps ... The player himself is a Pokemon trainer who catch, draws them and makes fight with other Pokemon from other players. The ultimate goal is to capture all the Pokemon to become the biggest blockers.
The phone will vibrate when a player will cross a Pokemon in a real environment (through the camera), it will then catch it with a Pokeball launched with a virtual precision on the "beast."
A Potedex to know all the Pokemon
Pikatchu, Golbat, Ratata, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Arbok and many others can appear anywhere in your home, a museum, a street, a shop, a hospital, a public garden ... .Each tamed taken will be recorded in a Potedex obtained at the beginning of the game. a kind of encyclopedia of Pokemon that reference the size, weight, the number of candies...
Pokestop to increase The levels 
The Pokestop breakpoints are symbolized by blue cubes. They correspond to cultural places such as monuments, statues, commemorative plate, paintings etc ... When there is a few meters from the point of interest, simply click on it and the photo of this place appears. Objects appear in turn and must recover by clicking it.
Each stop in a Pokestop yields experience and therefore increases its level. A pokestop recharges in 5 minutes, which means that we can return often.
Pokestop to grow and arenas to fight
The player gains experience and the Imperial Pokestop sees each day and each night the number of proud hunters of Pokemon and trainers increase.
In any case we may be here in a way to repopulate some empty streets this summer. May be this the opportunity for the next meeting and relationship. However, i have some doubts regarding the advisability of this game.