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What is The Most Faithful Zodiac Sign?

Are you faithful in love? Your sign of the zodiac can reveal many things on this side ... Indeed, some signs are more faithful than ot...


Are you faithful in love? Your sign of the zodiac can reveal many things on this side ... Indeed, some signs are more faithful than others. Explanations.
Loyalty is a pretty delicate subject for this sign, as they are always in search of new adventures, new challenges and sometimes new partners. The Aries are charismatic people, friendly, innovative and do not like routine. Their needs are a priority.
The Taurus are the most stubborn signs of the Zodiac, they seek stability and are generally reliable and faithful. These are people who have a structured plan for their future and a clear idea of the person who will share their lives. Furthermore, the Taurus is unable to give up a relationship even if his/here surroundings suggests the contrary.
Gemini is sociable, they love to go out for the party. They are lovely people, but they are not loyal. Their dual personality can change their mood in a minute. They are madly in love with their partner, then find it annoying and devastating within seconds.
The Cancer are very good friends, they do not take friendships and relationships lightly. These people attach great importance to the family and do not like playing with the feelings of others. In a relationship, Cancer invest 100% and poorly digest infidelity.
Lions are generous, creative and loving. They are also leaders who can show true when it suits them. Indeed, the King of the Jungle is a perfectionist and will not settle for anyone.
Virgin take everything seriously, especially when it comes to relationship. These are sensitive and loving people who will always be present for their partner or friends.
In terms of friendship, the scales are extremely loyal and will always be there to support their friends. However, they are creative people who do not like the routine and have multiple personalities. But their sense of justice and the fact they hate conflict and confrontation makes them not to take risks and to remain faithful.
The Scorpions are ruled by passion, they can be great believers, like turning into big misleading. This sign of Zodiac are always in search of love and power, they can be very demanding of their partner besides, their jealous and possessive side.
Sagittarians love freedom and hate persons who imposes rules and restrictions. In a relationship, they can be extremely loyal and passionate. But once the routine takes place, they can quickly become bored and look for someone else.
Capricorns like stability, especially when it comes to relationship. This sign is fearless and not afraid of obstacles. If something threatens their relationship, they will do everything to restore balance and avoid conflicts.
Aquarians do not like what is conventional, and are sometimes unpredictable. They do not like routine and can find it a boring marriage. They can show true for some time, and quickly move on when something more interesting emerged.
Pisceans have a great imagination and are emotional people. When they are not lost in their creativity, they can be very faithful. Unfortunately, they can have a perfect view of their partner and be quickly disappointed.
A small survey ...
The head of the podium held by Sagittarians (16%) who are known for their spirited and independent spirit. Aquarians (15%) with their elusiveness, and Gemini (13%) for their need to feel desired. These signs are then followed by Capricorns (11%), the Taurus (7%), the Libra (5%), Pisces (4%) and Scorpio  (3%).