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What Reveal Your Fingers About Your Personality

What Reveal Your Fingers About Your Personality

Fingers About Your Personality

Have you ever looked at your hand and wish you could read the future? Palmistry can help you do it. This divination comes to reveal more features of our personality by observing the shape of the hand, fingers and lines that cross the palm. Explanations.
What is Palmistry?
Palmistry is a divination that uses the shape of the hand, the fingers, and the lines of the palm to decrypt the character traits of a person even read his future. Under this method, there are 4 major lines: that of Head, Heart, Luck and Life. As for the hands, four short and thick forms, conical, pointed or spatula, each have a meaning. Palmistry assigned to each finger a planet name and each form refers to a trait.

What your fingers say about your personality

This finger speaks volumes about your instincts and the way you communicate. If it leans towards your ring, it means that you are a good person with great compassion. If it is far away, you are very independent and Overflow of originality.
A very long pinky finger means you are good at foreign languages and all types of communication. Whereas if short, this means that you lack confidence.
If the third part of the finger is long, we are dealing with a person of eloquence, charm and great insight. But if it is short, it means that the person is shy and has trouble expressing themselves.
There is often a second part (or middle part) long among physicians. When it is short, the person has a stable personality and is very dedicated towards others.
The first part (or root) long is a thirst for freedom and individuality while when it is short, the person tends to be naive and gullible.
The Ring Finger
This finger is the symbol of creativity and development. It reveals the skills and gifts for art, good taste and style.
If it is as long as the major (or longer), the person loves to take risks and is prone to love gambling.
If it is short, the person is beautiful and has harmonious nature.
If the fingertip is long, the person is creative but tends to exaggerate many small problems of life. When this part of the finger is short, that's mean the person is pragmatic.
Part of the long middle shows attention to detail, a passion for fashion and a refined style. By cons, when it is short, the person has little interest in beauty and style.
The finger is long root in people with a sense of taste and exceptional refinement. They are also often their livelihood, which earned their money and fame. She is short hand for those who prefer the comfort and simplicity.
The Middle Finger
This finger is linked to the place of material things in our lives and the value they receive.
If this finger is too is long, it reveals that  person is determined, capable, ambitious and he is the master of his destiny.
A middle figer that leans towards the ring finger indicates a need for emotional and financial security. These people do not like arguments and are perfectly happy once surrounded by those they love.
We find especially the long middle finger in people who are police, investigators, researcher or scientist. Indeed, they need to go into detail to detect the secrets and the hidden meaning of what is happening around them. However, it is shorter for people, who are obedient and do not like leaving their comfort zone.
The middle part, especially if it is fine, means that the person has a tendancy for the natural sciences good at figures. If it is thicker, you are a nature lover.
The root of the finger is long for those who have a pronounced need for material security. While if it is short, the person tends to be conservative with money.
The index Finger
This finger shows our understanding of ourselves and how we treat others.
If it tilts thumb, this means that you are a fair and ambitious person. If it is far away, you are an independent person to the philosophical spirit.
The intellectual persons exercising a legal or political profession have a tip of an inch long. Those who are more pragmatic, sometimes cynical, have short.
If this finger is long, it indicates that you have a very developed mental capacity in all areas. If it is short, it means that you are unmoved, slightly indifferent or apathetic.
The root of the finger is long if you are good at sports or cooking. It is short if you are rational and Cartesian.
Thumb Finger 
This finger represents the will, the intellect and energy. A flexible thumb says that you adapt easily to people and change. A rigid thumb is often evidence that you camp on your positions and your stride.
The fingertip is long indictates determined and committed people. While short, is indication to lack of ambition and determination.
If the middle part is shorter than the fingertip, you have good intuition and know to manage your emotions.
When both parts have the same size, you are reasonable and rational. If the middle part is wider, you are an intellectual who is struggling to take action.
Who would have thought that your fingers also say a lot about your personality?