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11 Signs That Your Marriage Is Perfect (even if you do not think so)

11 Signs That Your Marriage Is Perfect (even if you do not think so)

Signs That Your Marriage Is Perfect

If you are reading this article, you are probably a couple. But how do you know that your relationship is going well? Do you feel confident in your relationship?

Dr. Lisa Firestone, a clinical psychologist and director of research for the Glendon Association, studied suicide and violence within couples and families. For her, the lack of confidence may affect toxic to our most important relationships. Reassure yourself by asking simple questions about your interactions with your partner.

Always laughing together?

If so, you're still on track. Laughing together is a sign of complicity and intimacy, be it that before the ridiculous video of a cat. It shows that you still enjoy each other without necessarily resorting to love making.

Do you have similar goals?

Everyone has different goals in life and they can change over time but are you still on the same wavelength when it comes to fundamental moral values? If so, it shows that you want to achieve together the same objectives.

Reciprocal  trust?
Trust is the essence of the relationship. If it is still present, it proves that you are always honest about your feelings, problems and expectations with each other.

Do you have a personal life?

We may be a couple, but it is essential to have time for yourself. If you get everyone on your side to do activities without the company of another, it proves that the trust and support are great.

You encourage each other?
Sometimes we want to embark on a new business or leisure but is scared and little confidence. If your partner encourages you and supports your decisions, it shows that it continues to ensure your back.

Are always discussing ?

It may sound ridiculous, but do you continue to talk over a meal or do you keep staring at your smartphone? If you still manage to maintain a real conversation without boring you is that all is well.

Do you continue to have realistic expectations of one vis-à-vis the other?
You dream that your partner change? You may have a problem. If you realize that it is a fallible human like you and it is not perfect, you will not be frustrated because he does not fit the ideal you have in mind.

Make a team?

Do you continue to help each other to perform daily tasks? If so, all is well. Take care of each other in mutually easing the burden of chores you.

Are you respectful in public?

Disagreements are part of a relationship but contradict your partner in front of others is a bad sign. If you have a comment to make it, take it apart gently and talk quietly. 

Are you honest and open with each other?

Communication is the key. Stable couples speak openly embarrassing and humiliating things with their lives. They do this because they trust, they are lovers, but above all friends.

You discuss or You argue?

Even if you do not agree on everything, you must be able to discuss your differences of opinion without raising his voice or upset you. If you are angry, but you get anyway to resolve your conflict calmly, it shows respect and value you give to the opinion of your partner.

Remember to make compromises.

If your answer was yes to each question, your relationship is really solid. It is tender, full of affection, support and respect.