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30 Things You Should Stop Doing To Be Happy

30 Things You Should Stop Doing To Be Happy

 To Be Happy

We all know: we are our own worst enemy. This due to a host of negative things that we inflict on ourselves, most of the time without even noticing. Remedying this situation is not quite so difficult: just be aware and banish those bad habits of our lives one by one. Here is a list of things we need to stop doing to our well-being.

1 - Do not confront the problems.
When a problem arises, our first defense reflex is to turn away, as if about to resolve itself. You need to find in you the strength to solve it because that is how we learn and become better people.

2 - To lie to oneself.
If you are unable to be honest with yourself, how can you ask others to be to you?

3 - Trying to be someone you are not.
It is not easy to be yourself in companies that push you to be like everybody else. Besides that, we live in a hyper-competitive world where one must at all costs be the best, youngest, the one that does best and smartest. But it does you no good to pretend to be someone else to accept that you and we love you, especially as you will attract as false friends that your behavior.

4 - Holding on to the past.
If you want to be happy, you have to keep moving forward and write the following pages, instead of constantly reread old.

5 - Be afraid to make mistakes
It is much more rewarding to try something, even fail, than not doing anything. First, because if you do not try anything, you will have nothing. Then, because we learn a lot from mistakes. Finally, because it feeds more regret when you have not done something when were wrong.

6 - If denigrate because of past mistakes.
Your life can only be a result of errors: it also includes achievements and what you will try today and tomorrow. In addition, you have certainly learned a lot by failing, which will help you succeed in the future.

7 - Put her needs and desires into the background.
It's good to love others and to be attentive to their well-being ... But to forget yourself, bad idea. You must also think of you, and not later, now.

8 - Try to buy happiness.
Do not confuse happiness and desire. All these expensive things that make you want are just passing desires. Conversely, things that make you happy do not buy: love, friendship, laughter, passion ...

9 - Find happiness through others.
The love of others makes us happy is indisputable. But what happens, we must first accept and be pleased us as we are. Only then you'll be ready to share this happiness with someone else.

10 - Being passive.
Procrastination is a bad counselor. By dint of much thought before acting, we do nothing. Weigh the pros and cons calmly and do what must be done. To move forward, we must act. Who does not advance stagnates, or even run the risk of back ...

11 - To say that we are not ready.
When an opportunity presents itself to us, we often have the feeling of not being ready. This reflex is logical, because the strength we often take out of our comfort zone. But the great opportunities do not occur so often in life. So best is to do violence and to rise to the height of what this opportunity requires of us.

12 - Being with the wrong people.
Banish from your life those who hinder your happiness or not you believe your fair value. Concentrate on those that make you a place in their lives. And never forget: we recognize the true friends that they stay with us when everything goes wrong.

13 - Do not engage in relationships for the wrong reasons.
Said the true proverb, better to be alone than in bad company. Engaging with someone solely because that one feels is the best way to fail, and often painfully. Let things happen in their time. By being patient you will find the right person at the right time.

14 - Push the new relationship because previous failed.
Every relationship is unique and each person will bring you something different: maybe some will use you, but others will teach you things and others push you to give the best of yourself.

15 - Get in competition with others.
Comparing yourself to others will not make you move. The only person you need to be in competition, it is yourself: how to go beyond your limits and improve.

16 - Envy others.
Jealousy is unfortunately a feeling difficult to control. Rather than being devoured by it, you can use it as an engine to improve your own life. You can also change point of view: what chance do you have that others might be jealous?

17 - Complaining and sorry for himself.
Try to step back and consider the hardships you go through as many tests and exercises that will make you stronger and better.

18 - Being resentful.
More than against the person who is headed your anger is to yourself that you hurt. Resentment prevents you from finding peace. By forgiving, you will not signify to each other that what he did is not serious, but you refuse to be detrimental to your peace of mind. This allows you both to move forward.

19 - Letting others get you down.
When someone seeks to lower yourself to his level, resist. Logically, this is another attempt to raise his to happen to yours.

20 - Pass the time to justify.
Act in conscience. Be justified no use for those who are on your side are anyway and you will not convince others.

21 - Do the same things continuously without pausing.
We all need a break from time to time. Pace yourself breaks. This will also allow you to step back from what you have.

22 - Forgetting to savor the small moments.
The little things that give us a smile are the true foundation of happiness and are often our best memories. Take time to savor.

23 - Making things perfect.
The important thing is that things are made. The search for perfection is often a waste of time and energy which is you will rarely be grateful.

24 - Follow the easy way out.
Conversely, the path of least resistance will not get you far. When you try to accomplish something, put in the energy and imagination it requires.

25 - To pretend that everything is fine when it is not.
Why bother trying to prove that all is well and that you are strong? You are entitled to your moments of weakness. Cry when you need them. The sooner you let your grief burst, the better off you will wear and the sooner you find the smile.

26 - Making others responsible for your problems.
If you want to achieve your dreams, you must be responsible for your life; what will be this wrong. By giving responsibility to others, you give them more power in your life than you would like it.

27 - Being everything to everyone.
This is simply impossible, so needless to acharner you to try. However, you can change a person's life by giving him a smile.

28 - You do worry about all.
You angst will not eliminate these problems, nor come. However, this may prevent you from being happy right now. To dispel this fear, ask yourself the following questions: does it seem so bad in a year? In five years ? In ten years ?

29 - You focus on what you do not want to see happen.
To succeed, you have to think positive. You focus on your fears serves only to distract you from your real goal: that something good happens to you. If you leave home in the morning with this thought, you will find that this is what happen often.

30 - Do not show gratitude.
Every morning you have to wake up being grateful to be still alive. Moreover, people are struggling to survive. Okay, you may not're the luckiest person, but instead to focus on what you are missing, think of everything you have and others do not. 

In fact, these points can be summarized in this final tip: instead of wasting time lamenting, enjoy each day and open your mind to all that is positive.