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4 Signs That He Is Not A Good Partner For You

4 Signs That He Is Not A Good Partner For You

When love knocks on our door, we are overwhelmed by emotions and our desire to live the great love, with all the joy and sometimes pain that accompany it. Except that these butterflies dancing in our stomach make us forget that we have a brain that, too, a say in the choice of life partner. To help you see a little clearer, here are 4 signs that you are not with the right person.

At the beginning of a relationship, both partners are so overwhelmed by their emotions and their sense of having found a soulmate they are doing everything they can to give the best picture of them- same, and provide ongoing efforts to run their relationship.

But gradually as the fire of passion dwindles and the routine begins to settle, several things begin to change, which sometimes allows suspicion to settle. Am I happy? Is the partner I wait so long? Is the couple relationship which I have always dreamed of?

To help you answer these questions you trot in the head and keep you from enjoying a fulfilling relationship, we combined 4 signs that you are not with the right person.

1 - You have trouble to trust him 
Being as a couple, this is our life that we share with our partner. It becomes our friend and confidant. It was in his arms that we escape to alleviate our concerns and seek advice. If you are unable to confide in your partner for fear of his reaction or judgment that it issues to you is that you do it and do not trust that you are not yourself Her presence.

2 - You are not safe 
One of the main foundations of a healthy relationship is trust. If you are unable to grant him while he never had a behavior that might indicate that you think are wrong or that you risk ruining your relationship. Try to challenge yourself, or identify the source of your doubts, and give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

3 - You're not sure that's the right
Even if your heart races whenever you hold hands, you still can not make you the idea that this is the one with whom you want to share the rest of your life. If you have a feeling of insecurity that prevents you to take that big step, you constantly have that little voice that tells you that you deserve better, it is best to take a step back to better evaluate your feelings and learn if your problem is your fear of commitment or change in the nature of your feelings.

4 - You doubt about your feelings
Over time, many are beginning to ask questions about the intensity and the nature of their feelings, and their level of satisfaction in their relationship. Some find the answer that reassures them, while in others, doubt sets in and they are even beginning to regret their decision to have left their ex. 

Moreover, they do not hesitate to compare the two very subjectively, exaggerating the faults of the first and the qualities of the second. In this case, the situation is quite clear: you are dissatisfied and looking for an excuse to leave your partner.

Love is a noble sentiment that we all seek to experiment. But for a relationship to last in time, love alone is not enough. Respect, trust, loyalty and compassion are all elements necessary for the survival of the couple. Both partners must always be there for each other in order to sustain and overcome all the trials of life.

So if you feel that your relationship does not bring you happiness, stability and satisfaction you have always dreamed of, it's time to step back and reassess your decisions and your feelings!