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5 Things That Only Old Souls Perceive

5 Things That Only Old Souls Perceive

5 Things That Only Old Souls Perceive

This article is dedicated to those who do not find their place in their society, the contrarians. It is not intended to exclude others but to reassure those who are persecuted, called by nicknames and judge because they are different.

Some do not like everyone and it takes getting used to. If you're one of those people that we deal with fools because you believe in alternative medicine, have or want to isolate yourself and live as a hermit, do not worry and stay true to yourself.

If you try to adapt to a society devoid of mind, you will reap that suffering. Do not let authority figures or institutions force you to abandon your passions, your desires and your authenticity.

Here are 5 things that only the free electrons will include

1) The need to be alone
Each contrarian knows the extreme importance of distancing himself from the world, people and bonds by spending time alone. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, and the energy released by people bother us. Spend time alone, in contact with nature, sitting on a bench, or just in your room are essential for spiritual health.

Some might treat you hermit or think you have trouble socially speaking, but you, unlike them, know the value of time spent alone to purify you and teach you.

2) The desire to thrive / grow
Do not seek happiness and comfort but rather the fulfillment and personal accomplishment. You are willing to suffer to learn more about yourself and mature.

You take risks and you embark on adventures that others avoid by caution. Rather than play it safe throughout your life, you would at the end of it, your career is rich in adventures and emotions.

3) You have the flair and intuition
You were, from your young age, able to clearly identify the people, as if you had met during one of your previous lives. You get to identify their personality, their lifestyle and their experiences in minutes because it's as if you were connected to them.

It's not as long as you are quick to criticize others, you are simply strong observation. In the evenings, you take more pleasure in observing and analyzing other exchange and communicate that participate in their interactions. It is innate in you.

This faculty of judgment also prevents you from embarrassment. For example, you guess right when someone is lying to you. You notice his shifty eyes, a change in the energy field and in his manner of speaking. You are not naive and less manipulable because you get to discern the real intentions of others. Always follow your instincts in these cases, and it succeeds rather you well.

Some people may find you strange but this behavior is natural.

4) The rejection of conventional
Commercial music is exceeded, without soul or passion. Living like everyone is annoying and disappointing. You have therefore adopted a different way of life, although it may seem strange. The key is that you like and that you feel good about yourself.

5) Enjoy the journey
Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude and recognition. You know that life is not eternal and that we should take nothing for granted. While the others are occupied by the world, you prefer to meditate, spend time in nature or simply admire the starry sky.

If you recognize yourself in all or any of these 5 elements, be sure that you are either too mature or you have lived a few past lives. Most people do not understand and laugh at those who do not respect the customs.

You do not try to be different, clairvoyant or intuitive, but your soul is composed of a somewhat similar manner to that of others.

Do not let anyone tell you to change to meet the standards. The world does not need more copies, it needs originality and the unusual.