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9 Evidence You Have Found The Man Of Your Life

9 Evidence You Have Found The Man Of Your Life

9 Evidence You Have Found The Man Of Your Life

When you fall in love, everything seems always perfect. But how to know if this man is passing in your life or if it is destined to stay there? Here are some surefire signs that he is the man in your life.

You do not need primping you for it.

No need to disguise or spend fortunes in the bathroom. You do not need fireworks. He already knows, that you are beautiful. It is special to you, whatever your appearance and mood. Even on days when you're so tired that you have the strength to stay slumped on the sofa in pajamas and respond in monosyllables.

Everyone thinks the happiness of the other.

Each of you is willing to do anything to please the other. And that is make the other happy that gives you the most happiness.

Even when nothing is going, you just suck his company.

So you know these bad days where all you want is to be alone, a little quiet ... Well, since you know it, you no longer want to be alone, but with him. You need listening and opinion. You feel comforted that you through his trust and love. In short, you want all the time to be with him.

Your mutual attraction occurs at any time.

Whether physically, emotionally or intellectually, the chemistry between you is palpable, so that it can make you forget everything else. It occurs all the time, in the details of daily life.

Want to share everything.
Whatever your future plans, you include it. Besides, you do not even think this future without him. Whenever it happens you something, your first instinct is to tell him. And everything that happens to him, even the trivial things, you seem very important and interesting. And even if you do not recognize it, you most want to do something when it participates.

You see the love in the same way.

You agree on the definition of a good time together, whether a candlelit dinner, a long walk hand in hand or an afternoon under the duvet. And he manages to make it happen as often as possible. You're not afraid to express what you feel for one another, because you trust each other and are looking to strengthen this link by opening up to him.

You love even in the midst of an argument.

Each argument is a heart-breaking because you love too much to bear to her pain. So even if it's not in your character usually you are looking for compromise and forgive you, even when it's not you who started the fight. Anyway, you can not stay long angry.

He understands what you say.

Not only is listening to you carefully, but you really meant. He even understands you when you do not find your words or you express yourself by innuendo.

He loves you as you are.

He knows your bad points as well, but he accepts them all. Needless to reassure you over what you do not like about yourself. No matter that you be less pretty, less funny and less good cook this other woman who turns her around. It's you he loves, as you are, and he boasts to his friends.