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Remove Toxins From The Colon By Pressing This Point In Your Stomach

Remove Toxins From The Colon By Pressing This Point In Your Stomach


Acupuncture is the 5th branch of traditional Chinese medicine and is based on the idea of energy flow. Stimulate specific points in the body would heal, soothe, revive. Discover the point that helps eliminate toxins colon, among other benefits.

This study was made by an American expert in acupuncture and acupressure, Michael Reed Gach, who arrived at the conclusion that stimulation of a point placed below your belly button could bring much benefit. Explanations.

The "sea of energy"

Its name tells you maybe nothing but this curiously named the "sea of energy" or "6VC" would be placed 2 to 3 cm below your belly button. According to Dr. Reed Gach, if you press, it stimulates your gut and causes an urge to you "empty stomach". A curious way to provoke the urge to go to the bathroom, but here's the scientific explanation:

According to experts in acupressure, this allows you to empty all the bad energy and toxins in your body and which have been accumulated due to stress. It also helps relieve constipation drastically and stimulate your digestive functions. More spectacularly, this would be a trigger the peak pleasure. And yes, you never thought that a single point boost your body could bring many benefits!

The fact is that acupressure on this specific area of your abdomen frees energy and eliminate accumulated toxins. It allows to relax the bowels and facilitate the ejection of waste through the feces. This technique could also, according to the expert, relieve rectal pain, menstrual cramps and menstrual cramps, bloating and digestive problems.

Put into practice

The technique is simple: press the point located 2 or 3 centimeters below your navel by exerting pressure with three fingers. Take a deep breath while doing so. Release by exhaling and repeat until you feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

Other Tips To Naturally Eliminate Toxins

Squatting by going to the toilet. Recent studies have shown that the best way to sit the toilet is to be squatting, or failing to lift your knees toward her stomach. This position is excellent for removing all waste from the body.

Being relaxed is essential. Do not push hard, it may cause pain in the rectum. Keep cool ...

Eat plenty of fiber because they improve intestinal transit and stimulate your digestive functions. Eat beans, seeds, etc.

Take regular detox cures to remove toxins from your body, focusing on certain foods.

Finally, regular physical activity will allow a good contraction of the intestinal muscles.

A natural cure detox recipe

A teaspoon of flaxseed
A cup of hot water

It must first grind flax seeds just before consumption so that they keep all their properties. Then add them to your cup of hot water. Consume this drink every morning before breakfast and every evening before bed.

Flax seeds are known for their laxative properties, as being high in fiber, they facilitate intestinal transit and stimulate digestion. They treat chronic constipation, hypertension, urinary problems and reduce cholesterol in the blood, and treat irritable bowel syndrome.