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10 Simple Ways To Test Check Your Health At Home

10 Simple Ways To Test Check Your Health At Home

Test Check Your Health At Home

Here are some tips and simple tests to check the status of your vision, your lungs, or to detect any food intolerance.

The Taste

Put some blue food coloring on a cotton swab and brush in your language. Using a magnifying glass, count the number of blue dots present on top of your tongue. If you have more than 20 you have a great sense of taste and you could be called a "super-taster", but this might not be so auspicious. This highly developed sense of taste may in fact be associated with a higher risk of cancers. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts contain protective compounds, but may be too strong a taste for the "super-tasters." Therefore, consume rice or potatoes to neutralize the taste.

The Iron deficiency

Stretch your hands, palms up and stretch your fingers backward. Your palm will fade, but the deep lines of your hands as they fade? If this is the case, this could be a sign of anemia, probably caused by your diet. Your GP will confirm with a blood test. If you are anemic, increase your intake of red meat and leafy vegetables.

The Food intolerance

Pour a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Stir and drink. You immediately made a referral? Having paid an alkaline substance in an acidic environment (stomach) causes the formation of a gas. If you do not have the reference, it means that your acid levels are low and do not absorb all the nutrients, resulting in a deficit in essential minerals.

The Water retention

With your thumb, press firmly 3 or 4 points up and down your leg. These areas remain white for several seconds after removing your thumb? So you made of water retention - especially if your ankles and knees seem to be swollen. To remedy this, reduce the amount of salt you eat and proscribe industrial dishes. And contrary to popular belief, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day helps relieve retention.

The Sight

Move away 20 no a parked vehicle. Can you clearly see the number of the license plate? Any distortion or flow means that you can not see well enough to drive safely.


Examine the skin above and below your eyes. Do you see bumps yellow flat? These are fat deposits that indicate an increase in your cholesterol. Do not panic, but you should consult your GP.

The digestive system

Have you ever wondered if bloating caused by certain foods could be due to a food intolerance? Take your pulse, sit quietly and eat a medium to large serving of food supposed problem. Take your pulse again. If it has increased by more than 10 beats per minute, you are probably suffering from food intolerance. No one really knows why this test works, but it is incredibly reliable.

Lung function

Stand about 30 centimeters from the flame of a candle and open mouth, exhale completely and suddenly with a rattle noise. Is the flame is extinguished? If it does not, it could be a sign of asthma, especially if you have other symptoms, such as coughing appear to dusk. If you have no other symptoms, failure to test means that your lungs are not as resilient as they should be, a sign that you should improve your general condition.

The presence of Candida

Out of bed, spit abundantly in a glass of water. If, after 30 minutes, long filaments formed around sputum or if it is gray, it can mean that the amount of candida in your body is too large. Digestive problems or a weakened immune system may be the cause. To have the heart net, consult a nutritionist.

The pelvic floor problem

Sit back and tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor for ten seconds. Release and repeat until the extreme, 16 times is a good number. Below 10, it means that your pelvic floor is weak, which increases the risk of incontinence and procreative problems. To strengthen, make your pelvic muscles until your belly starts to disappear hollow, count to six, then release. Repeat six times per day. These tests have no medical value. 

If you think you have a health problem, make an appointment with a general practitioner.